Sunday, April 14, 2013

The End of Sookie... Beginning of Sabrina

The Final book in the series coming out in May 2013.
I recall when I first laid my eyes on a Sookie Stackhouse novel. There were about four or five out at the time. I had to wonder how the hell I never found them before? I'd been looking for exactly this sort of read, back then (in 2006).
I bought the first one in the series, "Dead Until Dark". The cover had me chuckling. Oh, this was exactly what I was looking for. Something both dark and funny, and about VAMPIRES!
I've been reading a few of these over for a second time, now that I've got books up to "Dead Reconing". I'm a little behind, but that's okay. I'll be able to read the rest of them (two, I think?), and the last one is due out in May, and I might just buy the hard cover for once.

When I read--somewhere--that the series was coming to an end, I was sad. I'll miss Sookie's adventures.

And I want to thank Ms. Harris for having the guts to create this series (going against her agent's thoughts that it wouldn't sell), because I was inspired to create my own series...

Sure, I was influenced by Harris' Sookie books--a "southern vampire" series, but I've created a "northern" vampire series and it's definitely my own creation with Sabrina Strong, a strong lead character who happens to be a touch clairvoyant and goes to work for vampires, only because she can't get any other employment, so takes a job as a clairvoyant for Bjorn Tremayne, a vampire magnate over half the United States.
Vampire Ascending begins this exciting, page-turning series:

Vampire's Trill continues it;

And my latest with steampunk themes - Vampire Nocturne  is the third instalment.

My fourth book Vampire Caprice will be out in December of 2013, and I can hardly wait to unleash it.

Book Cover ImageBook Cover ImageBook Cover Image

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