Friday, September 27, 2013

Having Gone Mad--er, I mean Indie

I had no warning. No warning at all. But I did have an inkling that something was up with my publisher (since he spent so little time on my third book that the edits—WHAT EDITS?--sucked), and I'd be going Indie pretty soon. And I did!
Yes. I had three books that had been with my ex-publisher, relinquished into my hands (I would have said “capable”, but I'm not so sure about that), and the whole ordeal of reading through and editing them—not once but twice—took me all summer. Up until this week, in fact.
I'm done!
Yep. I've just uploaded the third and last of them, Vampire Nocturne, this afternoon, meanwhile doing some decorating for Halloween (because I have to wait for the uploading process). So, I wasn't exactly sitting around all afternoon waiting for things to go through. (I'm partial to pumpkins, witches and skulls), and these now decorate various rooms in the house.
Now I can continue on with the other books. (I'm on number eight, if you're counting.)
Vampire Caprice, the fourth book in the Sabrina Strong series, I hope to get finished maybe by December, but I'm sort of teetering on that part, it might be in January. But people will wait. I want it to be good and ready before I release it.
I am also able to now turn my attentions toward the 8th book, which has a working title of “Six Shades of Hell”. I sort of like this title and may leave it, as I'm running out of musical attributes to these books. I still have not used “Fantasia”, “Sonata”, “Rhapsody”, “Calypso”, “Cannon”, or “Opus”. Some of these I'm not crazy about.
I'm not certain if anyone has even noticed this is what these titles are from—a musical work/composition. If you did, you get an “A”. If you wonder how I arrived at the titles “Vampire Ascending” and “Vampire's Trill” they are the titles borrowed from works of music. In “Vampire's Trill” it is explained during the moments with Nicolas who has just played “Devil's Trill” on the violin. “Vampire Ascending” comes from a beautiful work called “Lark Ascending” which was taken from a poem of the same name—which I absolutely love, and my husband began listening to classical music from this one piece one day in the park.
But I digress.
The next four book titles are as follows:
Vampire Caprice”
Vampire Crescendo”
Vampire Requiem”
Vampire Interlude”

The next book/#4 “Vampire Caprice” is as the title indicates—a number of things happening with suddenness, and sometimes seemingly out of impulsiveness. I've also gone into other character's heads, not just Sabrina.
In this fourth book, Sabrina winds up in Colorado, abducted (although she doesn't realize it) by Tremayne. All your favorite characters are in this one, including Rick, Bill Gannon, Vasyl, and a few brand new ones. It's a bit on the wild side, as I felt that Sabrina and Tremayne had to come to terms with their love/hate relationship. Or is it love/terrify relationship?
Back to Vampire Nocturne, this has been out before under my ex-publisher, but now it's totally under my control, and hopefully I've caught all the mistakes—really there were a number of them in the original that was released by my ex-publisher, and I'm embarrassed by them. Thankfully this one has not been out that long, so I hope not too much damage has been accrued in the 5 months it was out there.
And at the moment I'm needing some nice days of R&R, but I'll be around working on things, when the moment strikes. My husband and I want to visit some apple farms, do a little antiquing, and I'm going to try and find the 5th and 6th Harry Potter movies on DVD, so I can watch them. And we'll begin watching all the horror flicks we enjoy so much this time of year.
Thanks for stopping by and reading my mind-babble. I hope to announce when this third book is out by tomorrow on my facebook pages and the usual areas. Or, I might come back and just add it to this silly little post.


  1. A creative way to make use of music in a title. I did know Nocturne was a musical term, though Ascending can be many other things, after all. I didn't know trill and caprice as musical terms, however.

    And all the most interesting people are mad!

  2. Yes. Of course I couldn't reisist using the word "ascending" as part of this first one's title.
    Good to know this didn't go over everyone's head, William LOL!
    And yes. Einstein was considered mad--but brilliant, so I'm in good company (^;

  3. Going Indie can make you mad.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. This is true.
    Chocolate hugs, Shelly


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