Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Indie on the Block--Me!

Vampire Ascending
I never would have figured that placing my books on Amazon would actually begin netting me sales after becoming Indie, but it has. I saw sales that first week I had both Vampire Ascending and Vampire's Trill up as eBooks, at the end of August, and I thought “Okay, no big deal. My rank will drop into the basement like always, and that'll be it.
But that didn't happen. I didn't have a sale every day, but it was steady. Sometimes two in one day. Sometimes more. I found myself checking my author ranks everyday, and then more than once a day because at some point during the day one or the other sold. I remembered looking at my author rank wondering why it was up. “Did I sell something?” Duhhhhh. Yeah, I did. I kept thinking, “Okay, it'll drop. It has to.” It would for a day, and then go right back up. My ranks have gone up (depending on which one you want to count) for Fantasy, it was right up there today around #1,846. My author rank this morning was at #51,391. I don't recall it being this high for this long EVER!
So, when I began keeping track of the sales each day, I was counting down to when I'd reach $100. on Amazon. I did that today and beyond. In 25 days the total was at $100. Now both books are different prices. Vampire Ascending is at $1.99, and Vampire's Trill is at $3.99, so my cut will be different with these.
And I'm working to get the third book, Vampire Nocturne ready to up-load soon, so... yeah, I've got another book I'll be adding onto my possible ranks and what I make in another month.
Am I excited? Yes. Even though this isn't the first time I've done Indie (Spell of the Black Unicorn was my first Indie and I enjoyed everything that went with it), this is the first time I've done strictly eBooks, and they're selling.
It sort of makes a bad day at my day job easier to take. When I can say to myself “I'm not a bus driver, I'm an AUTHOR!” that sort of puts things into perspective.Vampire's Trill


  1. congratulations, it should only get better

  2. Thanks, Richard. I sure hope so!

  3. Indie is the way to go, as far as I'm concerned. Good for you.

  4. ~William, I think you're right. Seems to be working much better for me.

    ~Donna: Thank you (^;


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