Monday, July 30, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Bedroom

Since I'm leaving on Wednesday, I thought I would post one last Teaser Tuesday.

But before I do I want to put out a special thank all to of you: For those of you who stop by often, I thank you (including those of you in other countries--Russia's page views are surpassing the U.S.!). I thank those of you who take the time to leave a comment. That means a lot to me. So, I will leave you with this teaser. Remember last week? Sabrina was being taken up to Drakulya's special bedroom? Lets see what happens now!

A comfortable room opened up to me. It wasn't exactly the Hilton. However the bed had a canopy, the colors were warm. Atmosphere, if I were to describe it: Old World Quaint with a dash of Psycho. A fragrant vase of flowers—much like the ones in the dining room—resided on a sideboard. A frilly nightgown was laid out for me. I made a half-chuckle at the sight. As if! I understood tonight's meeting with Vlad was a prelude to other activities.

Pervading the whole room was the stench of blood, which sort of put a whole new spin on “Old World”. You can't get blood out of carpet no matter how much you scrubbed. And with my heightened scenting abilities, I knew human blood when I smelled it.

The key on the other side of the door clicked. Drakulya was not messing around. He would visit me tonight. I was to become his Blood Dame.

No. Frigging. Way.

There were no windows, so the room felt more like a prison cell than a bedroom.

And there it was. That little tingle in the bottoms of my feet. A ley line. Perfect!

I stepped toward the bed. I had been able to go from my world to this one and back again the first time, without stepping into a damned portal. What had summoned me here in the first place? That's how it all had begun. I did have a ley line run beneath my own house, and there had to also be one here beneath this palace, so knew I could tap it, if I concentrated. The network, if it worked like Joha had claimed, would take me precisely where I wanted.

Maybe if I relaxed some and thought about home I could do it. Dorothy's mantra went through my head: “There's no place like home... there's no place like home...”

I settled on the bed, and found it soft—it was stuffed with wool and goose down—suddenly I had flashes of all sorts of things that went on in this room, and knew I wanted no part in vampire games. I also knew that this was not the original mattress. This one was new. It had never been tried—so to speak.

Pushing out images that wanted to play out in my head, I suddenly felt exhausted. Adrenaline gone from the meeting with Drakulya. My muscles ached and I reached to rub my opposite shoulder. I'd had a long night, come to think of it. I couldn't remain here, in Drakulya's palace—in this room especially. What happened to Johnathan Harker was nothing compared to what may happen to me.

I breathed out, settled my hands in my lap, rolled my shoulders, and closed my eyes. I breathed in and let it out again. I thought and concentrated on my own room, visualizing it in my mind's eye. I yawned. Yawned some more.©2012 Lorelei Bell

***Picture above is something I created in "paints"***

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Officially On Vacation

Count down to my last day and last hour. Finally I'm done! We leave for vacation on Wednesday.

Now my rant:
So, this week Blogger has changed the formatting. Now we have this stylish, new sleek version that I have to hunt for everything I want to do. Not only that, I can't find any way of placing a picture on here. There's nothing up here that has picture or anything like that. 

Everything is barely visible. I see no way to place a picture into my blog, now. Anyone have suggestions? Otherwise I may have to leave Blogspot. I don't understand why they had to change it. It was fine the way it was. This is confusing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ More of Drakulya's Castle: The Stairway

Today, my pretties, I give you another view of Drakulya's place. I only had this picture to get you into the mood.


The door shut with a definitive click, and I strode along the hallway with Rumbel leading me up the curving stairway. I realized it was carved out of marble. The carvings were exquisitely done, if only I could get past the fact each and every newel was an impaling. The good old days personified in marble. Lovely. He had not impaled anyone here recently—like within the last two months. I would have read it from the occupants of the dining hall, and seen the impaled carcasses along our way here. The only one in recent history was the werewolf lady Jett had mentioned. From my estimation, Drakulya had graduated from the need to let blood flow on the ground, to drinking it to his fill. Thus, impaling was not his ideal mode of punishment any more. I had yet to meet any of his Blood Mares—no they were not Zenyetta and Chairelott. I had to wonder where they were kept. Probably locked in one of those special rooms like I would be tonight. copyright 2012 Lorelei Bell

Monday, July 23, 2012

Visiting Today!

Hello, my pretties!!!

I've been interviewed/invited to a different site today. It is the South African Vampyre News!

I think you'll find the questions and answers interesting. As I don't see any way of commenting there, you can share it anywhere you wish!

Have a delightful afternoon and evening!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goals for Rest of Summer

Wow. I just realized the other day that we are more than half-way through the month of July. Probably because I've been busy with writing, and getting my runs covered for when I go on vacation.

Vacation! YAY! We need to get away, and not for a short few days. We love to go on long road trips that put us over a thousand miles away from home. We like to explore new places, and if things work out right, we may visit two new states: Oregon and Washington-at least drive through and see what it's like. Our main goal is to get to Glacier, Montana. We have a room waiting for us and that will come on the "going home" end of the trip.

As for GOALS, I've always set goals for myself. I don't often post about them, because I never know if I'm going to be able to finish them or not. But this time what I've done is placed all my writing activities on my left sidebar. It gives people an idea of what I'm up to, and what I've done so far. You will see my top two things are my WIP's. Yes. I've two novels I'm working on simultaneously. One is my mystery/detective, and the other is the fifth novel in the Sabrina Strong Series. They are as different as night and day!

What happened to my third and fourth novels in the series you ask?

If you look below the WIP's, #3 book, Vampire Nocturne, is with the publisher. And #4 Vampire Caprice, is in a later draft--finished, but I need to do edits. Vampire Caprice was the one I worked on last summer and surprised myself and got it done in about 3 months. It just flew from my fingers onto the page. Of course it was a first draft, and as in all first drafts things change. I had to also get sections written later on that were omitted, mainly because I simply didn't have it in me until a later draft. That's often the case with a first draft. If you have to skip something because you just don't know, or are not sure what you'll want there, the best thing to do is just skip it if you know what's coming up. It is how I avoid the "writers block" syndrome. So go ahead and write that next scene, worry about the other things to fill in later. I sometimes have to do research, and if I'm just too busy to do it, I move on. Although I do love to research things.

Below that list I have my shorter pieces and where they stand. I've written a novelette--this was something I had wanted to write, and it happened back in June when I had some time off. It's in a first draft.

My short stories are either in a review stage, or writing stage.

So, what are your writing goals? Do you post them on a side bar? Some of you have a very neat way of posting them. I saw Christine Rains' writing goals and accomplishments on her blog page. Love it, Christine! Many of you have some way of posting your writing goals. Share them if you like in a comment.

Next Sunday I'll be looking forward to getting my bags packed. My husband has our trip all mapped out. Our only worry is the Stergis Rally in S.D., as it begins sometime next month, and it becomes difficult to get a room in a motel. All I know is I'm looking forward to getting back up to Montana again!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trolls & Other Unwanteds - Get Rid of Them!

Hello, my pretties. You ever have troublesome commenters, or unwanted emails, etc.?

You know what I mean? You don't know if you should merely delete, or put in as spam. But you wish they couldn't come around at all. If only there was some way to really deter them. I think I've found the ideal way of controlling those pesky rascals.

Well, now you can just spray them away with this handy Troll Spray! I've just found it, and sure do need it. Anyone can pick up a can. I've provided the easy link below.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you, Carole Gill!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ Drakulya's Castle... or something like that

Hi gang! Well, it's Tuesday once again. I've been feeding you paragraphs and pages from my next novel, so I thought I'd go right ahead and get you into the mood with this castle here.

This is from Vampire Nocturne and Sabrina is about to meet the actual Dracula (in this case the spelling is Drakulya--exactly the way he signed his name on a document once upon a time.)

I hesitantly stepped into a large study of wall-to-wall bookcases and one huge fireplace. A normal-sized person could easily stand upright in the fireplace at the other end of the room. Gas-fed light washed the room in gold, bronze and browns. Wingback chairs were positioned at angles before the fireplace. Mahogany panels covered the ceiling giving the room a gloomy atmosphere. A large mahogany—or cherry—desk with ball-in-claw feet was stationed in the corner. Odors and scents ebbed and flowed conflicting with one another as I paused a few feet inside the vampire's lair. Drakulya's aura hit me first. Impressive. It was the scent—or, in this case, stench—that bowled me over. As with every vampire I've ever met they all had their individual scents. Dracula smelled of a dense musky odor of an old house, with a pungent reek of decay cloying around it. I had to hold my breath against it.

The door shut behind me with a terrible thud. © 2012Lorelei Bell

Monday, July 16, 2012

You know It's Hot When...

... I stand in front of a fan to dry my hair instead of a blow dryer.

... I drink beer instead of wine (beer placed in freezer for aprox. 15 min. is ideal)

How you all doing today?

I hope that this crazy weather is not affecting you as much as it is us. At this time, the corn in the fields is probably going to be chopped down. You might as well look forward to prices of anything that uses corn in any way, shape or form, to go up.

Suggest eating rice and wheat for duration.

My husband and I decided that we need to get away. And not just a few hundred miles, this time. This time it will have to be over 1,000 miles.

I knew we were looking at Montana, because at this report, they are not in floods or fire danger, so I think we'll be safe.

I didn't know that my husband was going to do this, but he actually booked us a room at Glacier Park Lodge. He wanted to get St. Mary's but it was booked. In fact, this one was too. He didn't even think he'd get the night he wanted. He gave them some dates, and lo and behold! They had one room for one night left!

He came into my office to announce "We're going to be staying in Glacier Park Lodge on the 5th of August!"

I was so excited and surprised tears burst to my eyes. He isn't one to make arrangements like this. He had to prod himself into doing it, and he was doubtful about even getting a room. So, good for him for getting up the courage to calling and talking to them. The woman said that they were having rain when he called. Ah! Rain! What is that????

So, I've got 9 more days to drive, and hopefully someone will take the remainder of my runs so I don't have to worry. I've been envisioning us on a long journey. I knew it was going to happen. We both like those long interstate road trips, winding up in a new state by night fall, and possibly 3 states away from Illinois on the first night.

Oh, here's a picture of the pool:

Hope you're Monday went well!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Pretty Darn Good Friday (13th)

Well, I had a pretty good Friday. This post is going to be me flapping my gums about it, so if you want to stick around, please go right ahead and put your feet up.


Just before my second run (I drive transit bus for DeKalb/NIU), and my supervisor came up to the bus with a trainee, and asked if I wanted to read more of the book I was holding in my hands. Well, I didn't get it at first, and he said he was going to do a "live run" with the trainee for two runs.

I said "SURE! YEAH! GREAT! See ya in 2 hours!" I grabbed my things, jumped off the bus, went inside and wondered what I'd do with 2 hours. I felt like a kid let out of school suddenly. So, I decided I'd go into the cafeteria first, grabbed myself a milk (already had my lunch made), and sat down where it was quite, lightly low, and only a few people in there. I read and ate my sandwich. I spent the next two hours reading, grabbing ice from the ice machine on the second floor of the hotel, and read some more. Had a lot of bathroom breaks, since I COULD!

Of course I had 3 hours left on my shift when they got off. But I was able to deal with all the dozens of people who got on. Some asking questions, some confusing our bus line with another and asking for transfers, and had someone thinking we stop somewhere we don't, and another one tried to get on where we don't stop (sorry, no courtesy stops!), and people asking me to let them off at some place and I had to remember that! Sheesh!

But it all went fine. Then, when my husband picked me up he was all newsy. He told me he got to see 2 of the kittens. Someone who works for the forest preserve was there at the house getting well water, and had told him that he spotted them in the hole of the tree, and Dennis got to peek in there. (I got to see one when I got home. Spitting image of the mom with the dark tiger stripes and the golden cast around the face, and soooo tiny!)

We have been in a little dilemma about feeding the mother since we want to take a get away vacation soon. So, my husband also went down to our neighbors down the road from us. He asked the woman, Janna, about how long before the kittens would be weaned and so forth. He also asked about seeing if she could feed her. She's very nice and said she would love to do it.

And, let's see, oh, and my face creams came in the mail. I've been waiting for them a few days. This is Natural Advantage. You may have see the ad with Jane Seymour who talks about it, who uses it, her mother uses it and her grandmother as well, and they all look way younger than they are! Well, my husband had me get it, because I've tried everything on the store shelves and they'll work for a while, and then stop working after a few weeks. I began this stuff 4 weeks ago, and I definitely see a difference now. I don't think you can go wrong with this stuff. Sounds like I'm an ad here, but I wouldn't say something I didn't feel was true. I began seeing the deeper lines on my face and neck and thought GAK! I'm about to turn 58 next month, and I could pass for 49. I didn't like the idea of looking like a grandmother driving around college age kids. I don't mind them thinking I'm their mother's age, but not their granny. So, I think this was well worth the price.

And I've been waffling back and forth working on my vampire books, and my new mystery book. At the moment I'm working on the mystery. Sort of a nice change, but I'll tell you writing a pure mystery is way different. I'm looking into some books to help me. I want to get the book, "Writing Mysteries" by Sue Grafton. I saw it mentioned somewhere and thought that might help. If anyone has any others to suggest, I'll take them under consideration.

Plus, I had word that my short story, "Mother Knows Best", got past the first cut stage with Dark Moon Publishing, and I'll wait to see if it makes it past the second go-through. Since my other story didn't make it "Holy Devil", I put it up on Amazon. I felt I couldn't go wrong either way. But I'd like to see this short story make the cut for another of their anthologies (plus I'll get a little payment and a copy of the anthology!)

So, this was a darn good Friday--I never pay attention to the 13 part!--and now I look forward to a nice weekend! Hope yours went well too!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ Vampire Nocturne

It's funny how a writer may get inspired for a certain character by seeing a person in life, perhaps they know them, perhaps they don't. I often see people in my everyday job, and have, from time to time used their likeness for a character.

And then there may be pictures I find along my Internet travels that just simply grab me and think, "Oh, now he/she would make a great character in a book!" That's how I came up with Jett, a main character in this up-coming third book, Vampire Nocturne. This picture above has been altered slightly. As I give you a new teaser here, I hope you remember Jett's likeness. He is the son of Drakulya. Yes. The real Dracula, somehow found his way onto another planet (it's explained to some degree in this book), and I had fun with the Victorian era, coming up with the styles, the palace, and how Sabrina is treated for wearing pants.

At any rate I've a short teaser to share with you here. They've arrived at the palace. Enjoy.

The carriage swung under a grand entry where servants stood waiting beneath gas lamps. We were greeted—or rather Jett and Skrlock were—by a head butler. I felt out of place here, no better than the mud upon their shoes. I was wondering if I shouldn't wait in the carriage. Maybe I should be looking for my way home. I listened for the baying of wolves—a sure sign to cut and run in most creepy old movies and books. My eyes went automatically to the full moon. It hung in a black void over the palace. Wolfsbane indeed.

I heard no howling in the surrounding hills. It was quiet, in fact. Almost too silent. No bat wings beating the air. Where were all my omens?

I followed the men inside. The interior was no less lavish than I would expect for a palace. Rich tapestries hung on stone walls, some with golden dragons worked on purple cloth. The rugs on the floors were thick, colorful and lavish. A huge main entry hall boasted double doors along this passage. The spiraling stairway to one side would have tempted Scarlet O'hara to descend. A large stone fireplace burned merrily at the foot of it.

You're just in time for the evening meal, if you wish to join them now, Master Jett,” the majordomo said.

I would not dream of keeping them waiting.” He glanced my way. “There'll be food,” he said, doing his best to put me at ease. I was actually hungry. Especially after what I'd gone through.

His highness is in his withdrawing room, Master Skrlock, if you would follow me, please?” the butler said with a slight bow and directive hand toward a closed double-doorway beneath the grand staircase.

Thank you Rumbel, I must see if Vlad is up to a game of chess tonight.” Skrlock strode away from us.

I stood wavering with indecision. There were many people in the dining hall. They all seemed human enough. I would have to block them the best I could, or risk replacing my glove on my right hand, covering up the mystic ring.

Jett paused in the hallway, then turned to gaze at me. “Are you coming?” He gestured toward the door, where the butler held it open for us.

I can't turn down food.” I moved forward, and caught up with him. I was so out of my comfort zone it was ridiculous. Among royalty. To them I was—to be bitterly honest—a peasant. A country bumpkin. I had no refined manners to speak of, and it truly worried me. I mean what is with the dozen forks, knives, and spoons for the table settings? Couldn't I just use the same spoon or fork over? I'd have to mimic the others in order to get by.

We entered a large room where a long table with a white linen cloth, set in cut crystal and bone white china, and gold cutlery took up most of the space. An elaborate centerpiece with lovely pink and white flowers cascading over their bowls brought color and a mild bouquet to the room. Several people seated turned expectantly toward us. ©2012 Lorelei Bell

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sizzling Saturday & My Husband's Birthday

The temperatures around here (northern Ill.) have been at 100 degrees or better for the past 4 days. We hope that sometime tomorrow it will cool down. Rain would be nice too.

My husband's birthday is today. He calls himself the "watermellon baby" because that's what his mother craved while carrying him. This is a picture of him on our trip north last year. He's looking out on Lake Superior here.

He also shares his birthday with Kevin Bacon--same age too! So, I'd say he's only one degree away from Kevin Bacon (remember that? I have no idea what the significance of that was).

The pregnant, half-wild cat had her babies in the hollow of an older catalpa tree. She is not a pet. She does not show any affection whatsoever toward us. If she meows at my husband (who feeds her, and doesn't trust me a lick), it's a rarity. But as she was pregnant--and the weather has been very unenjoyable, we knew she was merely going through things. Now her belly is flat, and flabby. It's almost comical to see. I don't know when we will see the kittens, but we respect her privacy and are letting her take care of them. She may move them at some point. I don' t know. Although I wouldn't be surprised if, in a few weeks, some morning we see a bunch of little young'uns out in the yard. That would be cute. Wish I could take pics to share, but I can't. Just have to describe this best I can.

Since it's going to be another scorcher, we are not going out for any birthday celebration. At our age we just aren't all that into it, anyway. I was able to buy a card for him yesterday, and found an old display from his 50th b-day party, and put it up. "I wish I was fifty," he murmured. But he liked that I remembered him.

Hope all of you are safe, dry, cool, and what have you. If you are experiencing this heat wave, please be aware heat exhaustion will take you by surprise. If you jog, or any sort of out-door activities should be done early, get plenty of water, and if you feel nausious, or dizzy, get out of the heat. I've had the symptoms. These are dangerous and may lead to worse conditions if you don't take care. Also, check up on the elderly and make sure that they are getting to cool areas as well.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch ~ a review

Happy 4th of July!

There I was in the coffee and candy aisle and edged over to the books and magazine section (of course), of my local grocery store.

There it was. I saw the title: Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch by Lara Parker.

Well, I had to have it. I needed something to read in the evenings, and so I bought it. I was hopeful for an enjoyable read and I was not disappointed.

This is the description of the book:
Freed from his vampire curse, Barnabas Collins is ready to embark on a new life and marriage with his savior, the virtuous Dr. Julia Hoffman. But when Antoinette, a beautiful flower child with a shocking resemblance to the immortal witch Angelique, rebuilds the Old House, his past returns to haunt him. Discovering a grisly corpse in the basement--where his old casket once lay--Barnabas realizes another vampire has invaded his domain. His fight to protect his family from this new threat will take Barnabas back through time to an evil moment in America's history: the corrupt witch trials of old Salem.

I enjoyed the history told from an innocent girl, Meranda du Val, who is accused of witchcraft by girls of the village. Although she is innocent of all their accusations, she is magical. And--I loved this part--she could fly! Plus she had been raised by the Indians during her childhood. This all ties in with the ending very well!

I loved the story told from both her voice, and Barnabas' through out the story. Meranda's story takes place in 1692 from Salem, Massachusetts, while Barnabas' takes place in 1971. The time lines were well depicted, well organized, and Lara must have done research on how people spoke back then. And also what it must have been like to live in Salem during the witch-hating craze where all it took was someone saying your looking at them caused them to feel as though you were on fire, or that you caused a cow to die, something crazy like that, and the judges believed them and they would hang you, unless you confessed, and pointed fingers at others.

Meanwhile Barnabas is trying to decide if this woman (Antoinette), who looks just like the evil Angelique is really her reincarnated, and has bought the old mansion just to make his life more misserable than it already is. Meanwhile he suffers from the daily injections that Julia gives him in order to make him human again. He's finding out how it is to be human and aging. But at the same time enjoying certain delights he could not before--such as going out into the sunlight. I felt Parker really captured Barnabas in this story

And what of Antoinette's daughter who she rescues from an insane asylum? And while hippies are camped out on the property of this old house, something is attacking people. Is it a vampire, werewolf, or a zombie? Barnabas needs to find it and stop them before it's too late!

Parker's beautiful prose paints the surroundings wonderfully, dutifully adhering to the diction from the times, which ever story we are in at the moment, from the 1600's to the 1970's. It is spellbinding suspense and the storytelling does pull you in.

I enjoyed this read, and want to get the next book as soon as I can find it. I think anyone who loves the darkness of the series, or someone looking for a great read could really get into this book.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ Vampire Bar Room Fun

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Last week I brought you something from the Dark Shadows book by Lara Parker, so this week I'm going to go with something from my third book which will be released some time this year. I'm very excited about it, as it has Sabrina go into a parallel world, and it is stuck in a quasi-Victorian era. Thus, it does have some steam-punk attributes in it.

I always try and give you a good dose of the scene, instead of only a few lines. So, without further ado, here is a scene from my forth coming third book, Vampire Nocturn, Chapter 5

To one side of the room stood a bar. More sleazy women were wrapping arms—and in some cases, legs—around the men, helping them feel good. I could not, in all honesty, figure out which of them were vampires and which were humans. Dispersed throughout the room, many tables where filled with people playing cards, or some other game of luck. I was sure one crowd had gathered around a black jack table by the up and down flux of cheers and groans.

Well, it's been a while, but I do welcome my lord, Prince Jett, and Skrlock of Wallachia. Welcome! Welcome!” Our greeter stood tall, but not taller than Jett, at six-two with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, he wore a silky white shirt, black vest, and black pants ending where the black boots came below his knees. Slavic features were framed by straight hair that grew well past his shoulders, and gray strands seemed to be evenly dispersed among the darker brown strands, and this made it appear an unusual color. I met his eyes, which were a watery blue, and averted mine at once when his thrall hit me. I automatically went into my I'm-not-interested-in-becoming-your-blood-host mode. Unnecessary, since my ring was protecting me. But, still, I didn't want to encourage him.

As I recall, Skrlock, you usually enjoy our sedentary brands, and might I say, we've got more than we normally do. Fresh in, tonight, in fact!” the man informed. He then turned to me. “May I have the pleasure of knowing who your guest is?”

This is Sabrina of—”

Just Sabrina,” I interrupted Jett, giving him a significant look to make him understand I didn't want this one to know where I was from.

Sabrina?” he said, thoroughly intrigued. He had a thin mustache, I only now noticed. “I am Alucard.” He bowed deeply, then, slid an arm around my shoulders and drew me toward the bar. I had to keep up with him and his long legs by scurrying along.

What would you like to drink, Sabrina? I think our bartender can manage anything you request,” Alucard said.

I looked back to find Jett and Skrlock following close behind and relief washed through me. We were directed to unoccupied stools at the bar, but Alucard leaned one elbow against the bar, looking directly at me, waiting for my order.

Oh, uh, I'll have a wine. Not too dry, sweeter than dry,” I said.

Argent, wine for the lady,” he said to the man behind the bar. “The blackberry one, I think will suffice.”

Anything you wish, master Alucard,” the man made a quick bow and turned to do as requested. No question in my mind the man was human.

You, my dear, are absolutely mouthwatering,” Alucard said. His hand drew up to stroke my cheek. I flinched away and gave him an annoyed glare.

My apologies. You belong to someone, of course?” He gazed back at Jett as though waiting for an affirmative answer.

I paused at his question, but since he asked, I rolled up the sleeve of my left arm and showed him Vasyl's old fang marks.

Ah,” he said, nodding. “I see you have been claimed. Lucky vampire. What is his name? Perhaps I've heard of him?”

No. I don't think you have.” The glass of wine was placed before me. I nodded at the man who scurried away to the next order. I sipped the wine. Delightfully sweet, I detected a rich blackberry flavor. I nodded my thanks to the barkeep, who pulled out another glass from underneath the counter. Understanding passed between us. We were both humans in a world where vampires ruled and enslaved us.

Try me,” Alucard challenged, sliding his elbow a little closer to me on the bar. “I know many vampires, as they come through this establishment.”

Okay. His name is Vasyl,” I said, a challenge to my voice.

Vasyl, Vasyl,” he repeated, and then made a sucking sound against his teeth. “I must admit, I've never heard of him.”

Sir, what would be your pleasure tonight?” the barkeeper asked Skrlock.

Skrlock, who sat on the other side of me, said, “I'll take a Poet, if you can manage that.” I watched the bartender turn to a glassed-in case where all the bottles were marked with words like Actor, Musician, Dancer, Singer, and such. When he opened the door a cool blast of air floated over me. I was not going to guess how they had refrigeration here. But it was possible that it was merely an ice block keeping things cool. The bartender grabbed a bottle with the word Poet printed on the label.

He poured the red stuff—blood—into an elegant, short-stemmed glass, and Skrlock eyed it. “This had better be the real thing,” Skrlock said in a warning tone.

Oh, I assure you, sir, it is,” the bartender said amicably. Wide-eyed, he watched Skrlock and wrung his hands.

Because the last time I asked for a Writer, and I got a Dancer.” Skrlock made a face, sticking his tongue out. “Most horrible! I wanted to move all about the room for three hours after! You know I prefer Artists, Writers and Poets. They are mostly sedentary, moody and thoughtful.”

Yes, sir. I don't know how that was confused. I'm most sorry, sir.” The barkeeper said. Sill wringing his hands, his eyes flashed between Alucard and Skrlock as he brought the drink to his lips for a taste.

Skrlock took a sip. We—me, Alucard, and the barkeeper—waited almost breathlessly for his verdict. He closed his eyes and one eyelid fluttered.

Ah,” he gasped. “Exquisite! Delightful!” He slapped several copper coins down on the bar. I noticed they were small—no larger than a penny, but thicker and shaped in a rectangle. “For both of us.”© 2012 Lorelei Bell

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Coffee Klatch ~ Self Marketing for Writers

Well, good morning all! Hoping that all of you are safe, do not have any more fires, downed power lines/trees, or storms to contend with. As for us it's day-to-day and maybe hour-to-hour. Our last storm (yesterday) sort of blew up out of nowhere. So, eveyone be vigilant, watch the sky, and stay aware. I do know that a few of you have had power outages, so my heart goes out to you. I know what it is like to have to live in a motel for a few days while it's being restored.

I usually talk about nothing important on my Monday post. But today I think I've found something worth while.

I was over at my Writer's Digest page today, noting that a few new people joined my Vampire Writer's page there. I like to welcome new people over to the dark side, make them feel comfy and welcomed so they might want to leave a comment, or a pint of blood by the door as they leave *snicker*.

I also like to see what is up with them on their pages. See what groups they belong to and what they are interested in writing (besides vampire stuff). So, I found a page about a woman who put this book out for us authors who need to know something about getting our marketing going. It's called "Mosquito Marketing for Authors" I love the title. I remember the title "Gorrilla Marketing" that someone had out years ago, not exactly geared toward writers, and here, someone came up with a book directed to writers and I say it's about time!

I've got the direct link to Amazon: if you would like to check it out. I'm going to peek at a few pages there, and decide if it's something worth $12.95. It's in paperback form, so that's good! I don't buy on line and I can go to the local bookstore and order it.

Eveyone have a good Monday. I'm back to work tomorrow. Au revoir!

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