Friday, May 22, 2015

Afton: A New Beginning

It was a busy day for the both of us. Having the day off, I did laundry and got to a couple of things that needed my attention in the house. And then I went outside and used weed killer on things that just won't go away by pulling them up. I then worked on my new garden along side the garage. Like I need more to do. Right?

My husband, Dennis, was taking care of the clutter around the shop and the large shed. He has been moving equipment out of the area--things I can't even tell you what they were for at one time. One was a "cherry picker", another had been used to burn things, and it was on wheels...

Anyway, he was doing his thing all day, like me. He even got out other equipment, like electric chain saw--oh, boy does he like that thing. He worked on clearing out an large honeysuckle bush, and cleaned an area of junk and now there is a picnic table underneath the large maple tree, and you can see the wetlands from the shop, now. You couldn't do that before.

More needs to be done, but little by little he's getting things cleaned up around here. The old boss is gone and he's taken over. I think anyone who hasn't been here in a while will probably be surprised by the change.

If I ever get caught up on things inside and out, I'll be surprised. But there's always the moment, in the evening, after my hot bubble bath, and before dinner when I can walk out to the edge of the property and look out at the wetlands, listen to the constant sounds of geese, and the twittering of birds. An Oriole has been flitting from one tree to another. I think he likes it here.

I'll leave you with a picture of the wetlands with a certain haze in the morning. The photographer, Tom Robins, captures a bit of the serenity I experience here, and no where would I rather be on Memorial Day Weekend, when every one's out on the road trying to get somewhere.

I'm already there.  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. On Memorial Day, I get to work. It will be a Great Clips celebration.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. William~ most definitely.
    Shelly~ wave a flag or wear one in your hair!

  3. William~ most definitely.
    Shelly~ wave a flag or wear one in your hair!


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