Friday, April 2, 2010

Work on Vampire Trilogy Continues

I've been working on an area of my first book (Vampire Ascending), doing re-writes of places which explain my vampire's existence, and adding the fact that Sabrina is a sibyl--since it seems that this would work better than what I'd had. She's a touch clairvoyant, and I decided that she should be something extra special, so a sibyl is quite special. Especially if she is the last one. It helps the story, believe me.

I wanted to make that distinction in this first book so that there are no questions. Also, I have reinvented the explanation for the reason vampires exist, and incorporated their background story through certain Biblical applications and other texts such as Book of Enoch. I don't know if anyone else has ever made such a correlation between fallen angels and vampires, but I thought it was such a good idea I had to do this.

So what I've done is explained—in certain later chapters that the first vampires were once humans who were descendants of the fallen angels, or the nephilim while alive as humans. When they died “a violent death”, they were transformed into vampires. They woke up thirsting for human blood, and shunning the sun. I guess I'm going for a mirrored version of what happened to—what sources say happened—the fallen angels or the nephilim.

According to writings by Enoch, these fallen angels “were cast into a place of 'total darkness' in punishment.”

Some sources say that the nephilim were erased from the earth after the Great Flood, but others say they were bound 'in the valley of the earth until Judgment Day'. (Has that day come? No. So they are still out there, doing their thing.)

List of powers for my vampires:

*They don't lie in coffins, but sleep in beds. They call their sleep “regenerating” and in fact some can be up and awake during the day—usually the older ones.

*They DO have a mirror image

*They can move around very fast. Older ones can change into other creatures, mist, etc. The oldest ones can disappear completely and move with light speed to any destination.

*Those who were Christians in life are affected by the crucifix; it can burn them if they come into contact with one, or with silver, it will subdue their ability to thrall a victim, if held near the eyes.

*They also can't walk on hallowed/sacred ground.

*They can command all other creatures (including werewolves), but not demons—especially Ba'al Demons, whose blood is deadly to them, and the only way to kill a Ba'al Demon is to behead it--which would be difficult if you might be killed while doing it.

In my first book I establish that:
The modern vampires are all under the allegiance called Vampire Association—the American Vampire Association is split into two states: Eastern and Western: Erik Tremayne is magnate of the west—L.A. Bjorn Tremayne is magnate of the east—centered in Chicago.

The list goes on, but I'd rather point out that my plan is for a trilogy. I'm not sure what the trilogy will be called—maybe The Fallen Ones Trilogy. I don't know.

I need a name for my religious cult that has learned who Sabrina is, and what is about to happen, and are trying to kill her. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, but I was thinking that Enoch should at least be used in the title. Something like Enoch's Militia?

In the second book there will be a mystic ring given to Sabrina, when a Fallen One crosses from the Darkness, into the light and gives Sabrina the prophecy. The ring is so that no vampire can put her under a thrall, and she can command demons. She is told that she is last of her kind and her seed must be continued, and that they've got someone in mind for her. It's up to her to decide if she's going to do this or not, but I'm going to make it difficult for her to say “no”.

All the while, Sabrina has no idea who these people are, that they are the angels who defied God and took wifes and were then cast down. She gradually will learn who they are, and the struggle will be to both defy them, and stay alive, since the relgious cult has been trying to kill her from the beginning.

Meanwhile she's trying to help her vampire masters with their inner power battles. As usual the vampires are blind to the face they are being manipulated into fighting amongst themselves by--who else? The Fallen Angels.

Sabrina is basically caught between a bunch of fighting factions, and she's unable to distance herself from them.

When I began this book, I merely wanted to begin writing a series similar to the ones I read. The more I got into this book, and the more I interesting things I found out about fallen angels, I had to see if I could use it in my books, and found that it wasn't too late to do so. I had thought of using an angel, but some of the plots were just too devious and rather nasty that I couldn't keep it as an angel. Naturally the fallen ones would fit much better into where I wanted this to go.

Still waiting for ebook publisher to reply to what I sent them. I'm hopeful.


  1. This sounds fascinating! Good luck with the ebook publisher. I hope they get back to you soon!

  2. Thanks Heather. If this one doesn't, I've got two more that I know of to try.
    I've got a new pet, "Bandit" the bat. Feel free to feed him.LOL.


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