Monday, April 18, 2011

Can We Talk?

I've shopped all day and came home with lots of goodies for my office, including a floor lamp and a small rug, and a mesh wire wastebasket, plus the little things like pens and notebooks and so forth. I was a mad woman going from aisle to isle grabbing things. My husband had gone off to try on jeans (Wal Mart, 'kay?), and well, he took the shopping cart. Dang it! I needed the cart. Where am I going to put the rug and that box that held the floor lamp (which I had to screw together once I got it home)? So, I had to just leave those things and with my arm filled with pens, and junk, I found him within two minutes.


I can never find this man when I'm in Wal Mart just like that. Well, he knew where I was, and was angling my way, so it worked out.

After this we went to lunch. Good burgers at Culvers. I only stole about ten of his fries because I'm a good girl. Iced tea, sweetened with Splenda.

Then, on we went to Kohl's. Dennis needed slippers and handkerchiefs. We walked around and around trying to find someone to help us. It's Monday. It might have been lunch time. I don't know. Finally some guy with a beer gut showed up and found the hankies but said that slippers were a Christmas item.

I found my crew socks, so I was happy with that. The hankies were too expensive (we found affordable brand at Target).

We headed for Target. I remembered a few things I hadn't grabbed at Wally World, and grabbed those things, like a package of 4 highlighters--not a huge package of like 18 at Wally World. I don't need all those damned colors I just need the basics! And the wire mesh waste basket came from Target too. I was tempted to buy a bunch of other things, but didn't. I still had the bookstore to get to and find the books I wanted.

It was something after noon by the time we came out with a couple of bags of things. Actually found a place for them in the back of the pickup--extra cab is handy.

We drove over to Barns & Nobel, just down the way. I get into this place and I can't find a thing. I'm not used to their system (I was a Borders shopper). So, after trying to find the books and not finding them, I get the attention of one of the ladies in the area that can look up books for you.

I told her, one by one the books I wanted. Yes, she had "Angelology" right down an aisle I had been down, if I'd looked a little further down, I might have seen it! The Evanovich book was a sale one. And They had Charlaine Harris' "Dead In The Family" too. I can't even remember, but the second gal knew where it was in the back and like magic she had it. She told me that Charlaine was doing a signing nearby this coming weekend, and she was going to it. She went on to tell me she'd met various authors, including Laurel K. Hamilton. "She and her husband are really wonderful," she said.

I took that opportunity to say "Well, you've just met another author." I introduced myself and told her what my book's title was.

"Is it an eBook?"

"Oh, yesssss!"

By this time I'm dead and I'd forgotten I still had something on a gift card for B&N, but oh well, I'll use it another time, I guess.

We did swing by Big Lots to check out their chairs and other things. I grabbed a couple things, just because I needed them and the price was right.

We head home under gray skies. Buck, our supervisor of the county forest preserve is still at the house. We greet him. I shout, "Honey, I'm home!" and he laughs.

We have a meeting with him about things. The floor will be going in first, this week. It has to be warmed up. It's presently in a tight roll out in a shed. Goooood luck on that. He tells us his plans on the cupboards, and so forth. I ask about the window for over the sink. He answers this and now that question is answered.

So, I'm pooped. I do have an award to tell you about, and give away, but I'm going to do this another night. I just wanted to give you all an up date on my day and what I bought. Here's the books. I'm so happy to have finally bought "Angelology", and the other two books, as well. These have been on my "to read list" for a while.

Good night and tomorrow I'm back to the grind.


  1. Big day today. Glad you had a great one!

  2. Yep. Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

  3. I love the Sookie novels, and I just started reading Angelology last night!

  4. I've never been to Big Lots - always mean to go, but I never shop for things unless I know exactly what I need and exactly where to get it. Shopping all day is not my cup of tea - too much time on my feet, and I'm no good to anyone for the rest of the day! :P

  5. I hear you. I really was DEAD! my back hurt, and my knee is hurting today. We stayed away because of the work being done on the kitchen, otherwise we would have been home some time after lunch, or when we had found everything.

    But I did have fun grabbing stuff I've needed. Should have seen me putting the lamp together!

  6. Yep,Christina, me too. I started reading this one while waitig for trains while driving my bus to day. I'l post a review when Im done


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