Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Saturday So Far

As I nibble on cheese and swill--I mean--sip my wine, the wind outside is ferocious. It batters the very foundation of this old house. But we are safe, be asured, gentle readers. My Saturday is going by like most. There was the trip to the bank because this was payday, and then we went to the grocery store. No biggie. But then you've never had to reconsider how to cook/prepare a meal without a kitchen. Or, if you have, you know what I mean. There is no counter or sink at all. What a dilemma. ~*~ However, at least as things stand, we do have the oven/stove to use. My husband chose two strip steaks, a large potato to bake in the oven, and sounds like corn on the side. Yum! I will have to wash the dishes used, but he tells me the pan he is frying them on is going out the door after. ~*~ Nice. Wish I could just toss the dishes as well. But we're not feasting on even Chinet's tonight, it will be real plates. My second royalty check came in mail today and I couldn't be more pleased of its timing or the amount. Seems I've already spent it (if you read from my Vampire Writer's Retreat, you'll see what I mean). We are taking Monday off to go shopping. Shop until we drop, or run out of money, whichever comes first. I plan on buying some sort of book. Perhaps two. We will have to stay out all day, hoping that something further is done on the kitchen while we are out. Lunch will be taken somewhere. ~*~ The weather is not predicted to be great. Possibly rain. We don't know. We had planned on going out of town, but I don't know as yet. I hope to go to the bookstore, wherever we are. Work on my third book is going along slowly. I'm a layering type of writer. Takes me a while to really get into the swing of the whole thing, and I might think of things I wanted to put in, and so go back and re-read (and make corrections) as I go. I'm very unorthodox in my writing habits. But then that's me. ~*~ I'm thinking about buying Angelology by Danielle Trussoni mainly because it really sounds like a good book and ever since it came out I've wanted to read it. Now there's talk it will be made into a movie. Well, I don't want to do the backward thing and read it after I see the movie, like I did with the Harry Potter books--the first 3 or 4. So, I'm going to see about this book first. She's on my facebook, but doesn't mean we're friends in real life. She lives in Italy, I think? If you visit her site you will learn she is working on her next novel and is "unavailable" for anything. ~*~ Nice. Wish I could be "unavailable" while working on my WIP. Well, I'm going to go off line, now, so that I will be "unavailable" for comment or anything else for the rest of the evening. ~*~ Have a pleasant one.


  1. Is anyone else having trouble making new paragraphs in their posts? I can't fix this! Sorry how this is coming out on my posts. If you know what's wrong, let me know. Otherwise I'm gonna have to leave things as is.

  2. Hey lorelei, enjoy your weekend. Congrats on your royalty check. Hope they keep coming in.

  3. Lorelei,

    Congratulations on you royalty check even it's already spent. Hopefully it will speadily increase. Last night was pretty horrible here too. It rained all night but today looks like a beautiful day. I didn't work as much on my stories as I would have liked, but I did do lots of other things that needed to be done. I posted a snipped of a short story/novel I'm working on if you want to take a look. Today I will be out of the house so I don't think I'll do much. I will try to post a blog though.

    Stay well.

  4. Hi love your blog (s)!!!
    What a busy Loreli you are!
    I'll join all of them. thanks for joining mine!
    Royalty check wow! so far i might ahve made enough (last years for a nice Chinese dinner FOR TWO)!
    This year is open-ended! don't know yet.
    it's all a learning curve.
    really do love your blog, it's so warm and friendly!
    gonna like it here. btw you're on my blog roll too! is this your main blog?

  5. Thanks Dora, I think we'll have to wait for May before we get "nice" weather again.

    Thanks for joining ALL of my blogs, and your nice words about Muse. Yes! This is my main blog where I post the most.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, as well. Happy blogging you all!


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