Saturday, April 30, 2011

Milestone: 50 Followers!

Wow, this snuck up on me! And for some reason I still am unable to see who were the last 2-3 people who joined, although I know one for sure, but can't remember who all had been followers, so the last person to join, I just don't know, but I'll guess it might be TC McKee. Anyone what to help me out, please do.

Hopefully having 3 days off I might be able to get something done. But probably not. However, I'm going to try and make a valiant effort in getting a couple more chapters read through, tweaked or whatever needs to be done on second book. I have to continue making posts to help rev up interest over on my publisher's site, too. So, there's that to do.

And a week from this coming Monday I am going to be on Patricia's Vampire Notes blog. I'll be doing a give away, so stay tuned, tell your friends, etc. Don't worry, I will remind you.

It's windier today, but warm, however we are to get some storms later. Speaking of that, I do feel for those people down south who have been devastated by the destructive forces of the many, many tornadoes which ripped through that part of the country. My husband's cousin lives down there, right near the town that was leveled. We don't know if she and her husband and horses and dogs are okay as yet. The power, etc is out.

I do plan on a couple of posts. One I hope to do with a meteorologist student about his storm chasing, thought it would really be interesting to hear about his experience. Also, I have a Sumiko Reads to put up, and just have not had the time to work on it because of all the extra cleaning I've had to do around here when we got home. I just don't have the time. But I will work on those, or hope to have them up soon. I don't know about the storm chaser, since finals week is coming up, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is May 1st. Maybe we'll begin to have better weather around here soon. My husband begins his summer park job of mowing at Afton on Monday. I know he is very happy to get off the bus, and if there was some way I could afford to not drive this summer I would.

This is the kiss--they kissed twice. I missed it both times they showed it on TV. Oh well. Got the picture of it. I sure hope that they have a wonderful life. I think they prepared for this in those 8 years of getting to know one another.

On that note, have a great day everyone!


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