Sunday, April 15, 2012

Power Outage & Smart Tornadoes?

There's nothing like a power outage to make you realize just how much you depend on electricity. We've had no rain for weeks, and finally this large weather system came in last night. And we got our rain! We had the usual lightning storm--nothing major. At 12:39 a.m. the lights/power went out after something went BOOM!. We got up, I made sure everything was alright with my computer. I even unplugged it. I still don't trust my surge protector 100%. Anyway, we didn't have power come back on until 8:20 a.m. which means we were out for 8 hours. We even went out in the park and pumped water into pails--not an easy task, believe me! And were about to put the camp stove outside to make ourselves some instant coffee--and TADA!--ELECTRICITY!

We made coffee (OMG! it was so good!), and some breakfast. And we put things back into refrigerator, having packed them into the coolers.

When the ComEd truck came by this morning around 6:00a.m., and we saw that the guy was checking the transformer and things in our yard, we at least knew they were looking for the problem. It wasn't here, but obviously they found the problem. Outages were all over the county. 30 people in our area were affected by it.

The news from the mid-section of the U.S. was much worse. Five people died when a tornado hit the town. The tornado actually hit the tower, which supplies the electricity for the sirens. It was almost as if it aimed for it--I know that's impossible, but the sirens didn't go off to warn people. I sometimes think these storms/tornadoes have become smarter, and more ruthless these days.

Tonight will be our turn as the cold front advances after the warm front that will boost our temperatures to at least 80. Things will get rather "dicey" according to meteorologist.

I actually wanted to bring you something more interesting, and will, once I'm able to work on this (research it), about Nicolas Cage possibly being a vampire from the Civil War era (tell me if you've heard this one). I'll try and get my post set up for later in the week so please keep checking in. Hopefully a tornado won't end my ability to do this for ever. If you are concerned, thanks. And if you see me posting both my Monday Coffee Klatch and Tuesday Teasers, you can rest assured we have been spared. These have been some deadly tornadoes lately.

And I'm joining forces with author Carole Gill on her blog Bloody Good Vampires. Once we get things figured out, my books and links will be on the side bar, and we will both make posts on it, plus we plan on a corresponding group on facebook where people can join up--for both authors and readers of vampire, horror/Gothic horror, and the supernatural. More on that as we get things built up.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Being from Oklahoma, most of my family lives there. Naturally I made a bunch of phone calls this AM trying to make sure all were safe. (They were.)

    Glad you made it through round 1 as well, L! As you say, more is expected today so stay vigilant.

    New site sounds exciting, btw!

  2. Wow. Glad you are doing okay. I saw some of the damage on TV and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you are spared today as well.

    I've been very busy - trying to finish my coming-of-age novel - I have 67 pages so far! I want to get as much done as possible before the summer goes haywire on me.

  3. Hey, E.J. glad your family and firends are safe. The video of the two tornadoes side-by-side were horrific, and the stories about people being killed.

    We have a weather radio, so we'll have that poised to go on if something occures. These are really important to have in a house. Glad the forest preserve got one for us!

    Dora, thanks for chiming in. I'm glad you're working on your novel. Good for you! Keep it up, hon!

  4. I'm glad you're okay and you have power back. We were warned of big storms, but we got a little burst and then nothing. I live right near a church and they have the tornado sirens. They test them every Friday at noon. Even if a tornado was coming, I think I'd ignore them.

  5. Christine, I'm sure you meant you'd ignore the sirens, and not the tornado LOL!


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