Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome New Followers . . .

Whoever you may be!
I don't know if you realize it, but I can't see my followers here. So, if you don't make any comment somewhere I don't know who you are. It really peeves me that this can't and has not been fixed, but what can I do?

And also, my contest to win an autographed book, Vampire Ascending is almost over! If you wish to win it, make  comment at

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Nearly September . . .

Vampire's Trill blog is up, but book is not yet released.
 Hey, a BIG thank you to my newest followers!
And just as a side note, the contest is still open for an autographed copy of my first book, Vampire Ascending.
So, you still have a chance to win. One book to one winner, all you have to do is be a follower and comment at the contest blog. I will announce winners on Sept. 1st by 4 pm central time. So if you want to check back then do so!

Okay, got that out of the way.

My Birthday:

I had a wonderful birthday. Had gobs of people wishing me happy birthday over on my facebook page. It was wonderful and I thank all that have come by and wished me a great day.

My husband took me out to a great place in a nearby town, as we sat there under those pendant lights, and our flatware wrapped in black cloth napkins, and Old Blue-eyes crooning from a speaker, I thought we were in a Chicago 5-star restaurant. The meal was fantastic, and we enjoyed it--until the bill came, but we'd do it again! Probably dress up a little more the next time!

Book News & Updates:

As some of you may know I've been working on my fourth novel (in fact I'm simultaneously writing on page 127 while doing this blog--talk about multi-tasking!), Vampire's Trill, while waiting for the second novel to come out. My publisher has given me September for a release--but no date as yet. That will come, eventually. Lots of things to hammer out, I'm sure, and I'm waiting for the edits to get to me and I'll have to go through and give my okay on them.

I thank all of you who have read the first book, Vampire Ascending--and have left messages either at my facebook page, or at one of my blogs. I've had some people leave a comment at the end of the first chapter of Vampire's Trill. One was hopeful that the book was out already, and was looking forward to it! I've been working on the books new blog, and you can view it HERE, if you wish. I have the first chapter up, plus, on the side bars, I have the characters' descriptions. This will get you excited, if not pumped up for the release of my next book--oh, and of course you know I'll have a contest to win copies for when it does come out.

For those of you who have not,yet read Vampire Ascending, you're in for a ride. My book is not your typical vampire novel with the kick-ass heroine. I like to call Sabrina strong a "reluctant hero" who learns the ins and outs of the vampire world, and although finds herself attracted to a few of them in this first novel, she learns who she can and can't trust eventually. She is a Legend In The Making, because things begin to happen in the second book and heat up in the third and fourth. If you would like to visit the first book's blog and see some reviews/interviews from people who have read it, excerpts, character descriptions, and synopsis, I invite you to go HERE.

And lastly, my book will eventually be available in the Apple iBookstore, and other electronic readers, including the iPad.

At last contact, my publisher is located in Main, and the track of Irene is going right through there, I think on Monday. Everyone out there has/is braced for this storm, and I hope everyone has taken the necessary preparations to be safe and the aftermath of it all up and down the coast be minimal.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello! You made it! Welcome! Join us in the celebration! Here's a party hat and we're about to cut the cake. Mingle and make yourself comfortable.

As you all know by now, today is my birthday. And I'm excited! Why? Because very soon my second book in the series will be out, Vampire's Trill, and I hope to gain more readers, and to do so, I have to get you all reading the first book, Vampire Ascending. And sometimes the only way to stir up some excitement is to have a give away. So, if you want to win an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Vampire Ascending

Here are the rules:

1). Leave comment / happy birthday wishes here on this post, and leave your contact information as well, so that if you are a winner I can contact you.

2). Help spread the word and announce it somehow on your blog.

3). Become a follower of Lorelei's Muse.

That's it! This contest will continue until September 1st, so you all have plenty of time to get over here and have some fun.

Oh, wait, there's one more thing. . .

Now, I'm going to throw this out there, and it's all up to you guys. I have 60 followers as of now as I write this. If I get over 20 responses/80 followers on Lorelei's Muse I will throw in one more autographed copy of my book, Vampire Ascending to a second winner.

Now is that exciting or what?

Let the party begin . . . music please . . . Oh, it's the Beatles' "Paperback Writer". Yes, and followed by "Lorelei" by Styx.
This is gonna be fun!

Lorelei Bell is author of the can't-put-it down
Urban Fantasy, Vampire Ascending

Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay, so this girl is turning a year older, and I decided I would have a little party for those of you who follow, and/or are fans of my vampire series, and even my newbies coming in from all over the globe. Wherever you hail from, stop by.

My birthday is TOMORROW, so, if you are smart you'll pop in and see what I'm giving away.

I'll have a couple of rules, but they won't be hard, especially if you already are followers. It will be one winner. I'm looking for well-wishers and so forth, so bring your party hats, and party favors, I'll be blowing out the candles--all twentyfifty-eight of them. Please stop by, the party will continue up thru September 1st, just in case some of you can't make it the first day or so.

Hope to see you here wishing me a happy birthday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Platform Building Campaign #3

Aspiring authors, bloggers, lend me your ears . . . or eyes.
If you've been out there blogging and getting nowhere, maybe your are an aspiring author, or maybe you have authored and published a book or two, but still have trouble getting people to come post at your blog, get noticed, get the word out that you are out there. *raising hand*

Well, here is some good news for a change! There is help. And it comes from Rachael Harries who has done this three years in a row. It's called Writers' Platform Building Campaign. This is to build your online support, and who doesn't need this, right?

I saw this on one of my blogger buddies' sites this morning and went and checked it out. WOW! By the time I had found it, over 180 other's had not only found it, but signed on. I think I might have been #184, maybe to leave a comment.

To view more about this go HERE, as I've just been trying to gather information for myself today after I got home from work. But, the campaign is designed to not only get support from others, but to give it out as well. So, what are we all waiting for?

The list of Campaigners will be closed on August 31st, so join up now!
Every Friday Rachael will be running a Campaigner Notice-Board, where you can announce blogfests, book launches (wow, just in time too, for my second book coming out in September!) Looks like I'd better go and look into all I've got to do to be part of this. So, see you all out there!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lorelei's Monday Musings

Well, I've survived another Bell family picnic. I see a lot of these people once a year, and they all seem to change. Some bloat up because they've stopped dieting, and some slim down a little because they are trying to get back on track. I also met my husband's nephew's wife who my newest fan who'd said she read my book in two days--could not put it down. So, that was nice for the both of us to officially meet and talk. And the corn was deeeelicious!

Today I'm home, because I will have Monday's off, and very happy to be rather than on the road with a bunch of crazy-ass drivers at NIU and beyond. Although I have an appointment with my hygienist who has to finish the job of scraping my teeth, I'd still rather be in the chair of a dentist's office, enduring excruciating pain than driving a Huskie bus for NIU students. Oh, the first day . . . yeah. I'm happy to not be there when thousands of students walk out in front of you, jump into their cars and think they're going to find a parking spot.

So, I've just halted work on the 4th book to come and say hi to you all, and I've gone and checked a few places out, too.

Now that I'm back to 7 hours of work--which translates to 8--I will have less time to stop by and see all of you and post, but I'll do my best.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

American Male Prostitute ~ A Review

I was recently given an ARC, and I really want to tell you about it. Oh, and don't let the title throw you. Or, maybe you should? Maybe it does titillate the consumer exactly as intended.

American Male Prostitute by Wilfried F. Voss is a work of fiction—I emphasize this because that's really important. The story, I must say, is a subject near and dear to my heart: The trials and tribulations of trying to get published with a “traditional” publisher.

In American Male Prostitute happily married man, Stuart Martin Berry, is given 3 months to find a publisher for his book. His wife gives him full and free rein “to do whatever it would take to get a book deal. Her only request was not to share any details of how I got there.”

This story is for anyone who has tried in vain, again and again, to hook an agent, even though you have bought every writing magazine, every book on “how to hook an agent,” or “how to write the perfect query letter,” etc. We've got someone in Stuart Berry to root for. It may be a work of fiction, but to a point it is all very much true-to-life in this respect.

We realize early on that Berry will have to stoop to by using sex, lies and deceit, as he attempts getting audience with his target publisher. Many of you out there might say, “No. This would never happen.” Well, it does, and not just huge cities where this story takes place. Believe me, the subject was breached with yours truly, once, a very long time ago. I wasn't for it, and let that person know it. Would I have been published by now? I guess I'll never know.

But here, in American Male Prostitute, the fantasy of using people who are just as deceitful takes shape and unfolds as our aspiring author, Berry, goes on the hunt for that book deal, moves to New York, and goes to work on shamelessly promoting his book. He does have an agent, but she's rather unproductive, and he learns is really disliked by the publisher he is really after. He realizes soon enough that nothing short of BS-ing his way into the arms of secretaries will get him audience. But the story woven is intriguing, with the expected titillating situations required. It's woven with realistic places, parties, money, and people in power, and publishing moguls—all believable characters and situations woven throughout.

If nothing else you do come away with better knowledge of the “disturbingly dysfunctional world of writing and publishing”, as Berry pulls off the blinds—or sheets as it were—of the publishing world and what actually may entice them better than just a well written query letter.

Author Wilfried F. Voss has done an exceptional job, if only to have the guts to tell such a story. He gives us aspiring writers something to think about as we wonder why the hell a query letter, or a pitch isn't working. You wonder about it. You really do.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Giveaway over at Writing In Wonderland

You know me, I'm constantly looking for new people to follow, and promote either their blog or even a book. I'd like you to stop in and see Sylvia Ney, on her blog Writing In Wonderland.

I've been following her for a while, and she is very helpful, believe me. And an accomplished writer having a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, which is one of her giveaways (one copy to a winner), and the other is to win a free of charge a critique of 1,000 words of choice for 2 lucky winners! Just hook up to the link above and you can go and check it out. You have until August 21st to do so.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi everyone! Today is a post where you get to vote for favorite guy.

I'll make it easy. There's two to vote on:

Okay, it's up to you guys. Bill or Eric? Leave comment to vote.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lorelei Addresses the question about Bloomers & Drawers

Hi, everyone. Since yesterday was such a bummer for me, I decided to do something funny here today. Over on a couple of blogs I follow they have been having a little "underwear" challenge. They have to answer several questions. I'm not going to answer a whole lot of them, but I'm just going to have some fun with it.

model wearing drawers
So, here goes!

One of the questions was  Do you have names for your underwear?
Uh. No. I have named pets and my collection of stuffed animals, but not my drawers.

There was a question: What color are they?

Usually I tend toward purple, but they've been white, black, tan, etc.

Another question was if you've even dreamt of being in a crowd with only your underwear on?  NEVER.
Have you ever thrown your panties at a rock star?

Nope. I don't live that exciting of a life. And really. If I were a rock star I don't think I'd want underwear thrown at me. I'd rather have roses and chocolates. Just keep that in mind, 'kay?

You're out of clean panties, what do you do?
I'm never out of clean panties. My husband keeps the laundry kept up really well, and I have some extra pairs just in case.

Are you old enough to remember Underroos?
I'm way old enough.


If you were to have a message printed on your underthings, what would it be?
I actually once had some that had pictures of the Hulk, and a few other monsters on them, but never any messages.

I'm going to change the last question to: Do you ever wear thongs?

Never. Not even on my feet. But really, I don't need to floss between the butt cheeks.
Thank ya, Thank ya very much . . .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dust Mops . . . and the JERK who got on my bus today.

Over on my facebook page I asked if anyone knew where I could get an actual DUST MOP.
I've hated it since whoever makes those worthless "Swifters" has made sure that you can not find a frigging dust mop--the rag-type. You know the kind that you could get corners with, and dust over uneven surfaces, etc. Then you shook it out. You could wash them when they got nasty and buy replacements whenever you need them. 
I've looked everywhere. They have huge INDUSTRIAL SIZED ONES! But not the old fashioned kind. I hate when someone thinks we need to '"fix" something that isn't broken.

I know this was all a deliberate plot to make everyone BUY the WORTHLESS Swifters because you have to buy replacements. I vacuum mine off and use them repeatedly. SO THERE!!!

I think I will begin manufacturing my own dust mops, become a billionaire so that I can get tax breaks and loopholes. I love what Buffet has been saying. And he's right. I don't understand why certain members of government are protecting the 400 or so billionaires who wouldn't miss the money they would pay in taxes. It might not "fix" the budget deficet, but hey, we've had this problem for 10 YEARS!

And I'm just a tad P.O'ed today because of the jerk who got on my bus who would not comply with my asking him to step behind the white line, while he argued with me about my telling him "we don't stop (let people off)" at a certain spot. He would not shut the hell up when I tried to explain to him why and so forth. I actually had to raise my voice telling him that I had a re-route and why we were re-routing and he would NOT SHUT UP! And then calls me a bitch--yeah I love the bitch card men like to pull out of the hat when they can't win arguments with a woman. Right. We're all bitches.

I told my supervisor about it, I made sure I got my camera on the jerk while he was being a prime jerk. After I let him off he was still yelling at me as I waited for another passenger to get on saying something about me being sixty years old driving a bus--what the hell? I should have said "At least I've got a job." (Not only that, but his hair style came from his granddad! So, who's 60?) But it was all I could do to not put my bus in park and go out there and kick him where he lives. Yeah. He was tall, but I think I can kick that high! And I'm only 58 years old on the 27th of this month, and I hope to GOD I am NOT driving a bus when I do hit 60! I might have to kill some smart mouthed asshole by then.

So, there you have my Tuesday, but It wasn't all lousy. I still have my friends, and my job. Plus, I don't just drive a bus. I'M AN AUTHOR!!!!

Sorry, I just had to vent. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vampire Writer's Retreat: Legend In The Making

Vampire Writer's Retreat: Legend In The Making: "

Lorelei Bell is author of new vampire novel, Vampire Ascending
Maybe it began with Buffy--which I absolutely love . I don..."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Two: Lake Superior

I think I like especially the names of towns up here. You have Ironwood, and there is a town called Land O' Lakes. Really there is. That was where we entered Michigan and followed Rt 2 for a while. Very wooded, and a nice smooth road with hardly anyone on it. We followed a logging truck, and once it got up speed, it was well ahead of us. You never want a logging truck behind you. Never!

Now, in my last entry, I told you about the snowmobile signs for those crazy snowmobilers in the winter. People up here also have boats in their drive. And the closer you get to the lake, it's not a fishing boat, but a sail boat.

One of the smaller towns we ventured to--and I can't remember the name of it--had a bay where dozens and dozens of sail boats were docked. There were these cute little shops you can blow money on junk you don't need. I love trinkets and junk I don't need, I just don't have money to buy them. We took pictures, but our camera was acting up, plus we lost sun under the clouds. But we wanted to get a little further, which we would soon be upon, thus got back in and followed our road until we came to a little town called Cornucopia. What this place had was character. Obviously it wasn't as huge a draw as the previous town with a lot of shops. This was older. The old boats which had been sitting on shore a while were on display. We had to pull in and go take a look. Here, there weren't that many people. You can't get nice pictures with lots of people in your way. We were able to walk up a sandy hill, and there was the lake. It looked like an ocean to me. The waves were making those little white caps. And while we stood there taking it in--no one around us--two bald eagles swooped down and went into hunting mode.

The wind was whipping and chilly. Why we thought we would not need our jeans--well, it had been hot up until the day we left. We should have brought the jeans. At least we had jackets.

We stopped inside a little shop. These places--maybe a half dozen--had once been little shacks for people to live in. And I suspect that some lived upstairs. The first one we stopped in was a shop filled with various stuff including antiques. An old, rickety-looking stairs went up to the loft. And a calico cat sauntered down and seemed to take a liking to my husband, who is not really a cat person. But it acted very un-cat like. It sat on its haunches and meowed, trying to get his attention. He later told me that he thought that the owner had changed herself into a cat. Like in Harry Potter, Mrs. McGonnagal's being able to do this inspired this thought.

We went to the last shop--as it was open. Then the rain started, and we were stuck, but the shop owner was very friendly and we spoke with her. She recommended a place to stay close by, but we wanted to get to Superior and Duluth.

We ate at Ashland, a larger town, and it still was cloudy. And very windy! We saw large ships now, in a distance. Then the closer we got to the bridge that spanned the river, we now had a very up-close look at these ships that apparently haul grain.

Duluth was a busy, congested town. We escaped it--thus was not soaked by exorbitant prices both in food and motel. We went on into Minnesota, and stayed in Cloquet. The drive was nice. We had wanted to drive up the Lake Shore Drive the whole way, but we simply ran out of time.

We had a nice room with a large-screen plasma and it had Satellite radio, and we found a New Age station and just relaxed. I took a full-blown nap. God, the day wore me out.

The rest of our trip was nothing to talk about. We should have not come through Iowa, though, just too much happening--that was something I posted when I got back.

I return to the work grind tomorrow--boohoo. It's been great having time to work on my books, and read a few, too. When I get a chance I'm going to talk about one, Dance On Fire by James Garcia Jr.
Have a great week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eagle River and Where to Eat

Hi, all. Well, as you may have gathered, my husband and I went on a road trip north. We needed to just get away, and although we live in the country, we needed something to look at besides corn fields, and our own park.

Since the west and everywhere near us was HOT, Dennis came up with the idea of going north. Way north. Like as far north as you can get without either needing a boat or a passport. Thus, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota were the three areas that we decided to hit in a two-day drive.

bald eagle fishing
Once you get into Wisconsin, the change becomes obvious. You find yourself into more tree-lined areas. Heck, even as you drive the trees are between the interstate lanes, north and south bound. It makes the drive more enjoyable.

We saw our first bald eagle after Merrill, Wis. It was mostly cloudy, and the teperatures were in the high seventies. As you may know, we've been dealing with 90's and wicked humidity for weeks on end. We wanted to get away from that. It was as though our get away triggered the temperature change in our area.

And, it doesn't take you very long to figure out the little stop and yeild signs off in the ditches are for snowmobiles all along every road you come to. Yep. That's their second national past time, besides fishing and rooting for their beloved Packers.

Because it is not a very long distance to Eagle River, we arrived by early afternoon. This was an area which was used by French fur trappers to bring their pelts down from Canada, on these huge boats. I was told that these men had to be of Viking build to be able to paddle them because of the furs piled high on the boats, and the boats themselves were like small ships, had to wiegh considerably.

After getting a room in a local Super 8, we enjoyed a short walk, trying to figure out where we might eat. Somehow the whole idea of eating at a "family style" restaurant didn't really settle with us. So, we got into the truck and I had mentioned that I saw something on our little map from the motel a place that sounded interesting. Thus, we went in that direction.

And there it was, the White Spruce Restaurant. My husband liked it's spot right by the river, and the low, old look to it. Come to find out it was the oldest building in town, having been built in 1833. The original was burnt down, and then rebuilt. It was to feed the lumberjacks of the area, and you could just see it in the low roof, dark wood, the character of the place just oozed with abveance you just don't get in an IHOP or Denny's.
We had come into the little place, and found only a family at one table, and the woman hostes was pouring glasses of wine. I watched. OMG! She actually filled the glasses within an inch of the top! Unheard of!

The woman said she'd be with us in a second, and then she came out to us. "Just go ahead and seat yourselves at the farthest table by the window."

We did. Out our window we could see the river. We saw that there were a couple of docks and board walks, and a beer garden surrounded by different levels of shade-loving plants. I noticed that they had toad stools carved out of small tree trunks to add to the idea that it's a magical garden and I hoped to see a gnome. The trees were wrapped with the small Christmas tree lights, and I sat there trying to imagine what the place looked like at night. Probably romantic. Like someone's dream. That is, if you got rid of all the crazy people who might flock to a place like this and ruin it with their partying.

The woman told us that people came in to lunch, mostly, from the river on boats. And you could see people riding past, ejoying themselves.

Our dinner was not exciting, but we did have walleye, a salad, the soup was really good, and the salad was not made with "head lettuce". I would give it a 3 1/2 for quality. The ambience was what got to us. I ordered a white zin, and the woman brought it out exactly as I'd seen her fill the other glasses. It was chilled perfectly. The wine--local--was possibly the very best white zin I had tasted, bar none. Wish I'd written it down.

After dinner we, of course, had to venture outside and have an "after dinner drink". I was thinking Kahlua and cream. I never said this to Dennis, and while I went to the ladies room, that's exactly what he'd ordered. Either he knows me that well, or was reading my mind again. I'll put it at both equally. (Husband gets 10 stars for choosing this place and getting my drink desire correct.)

We were the only ones out on the beer garden, with the exception of the bar keeper. I had to guess he was married to one of the women who worked the place. Maybe an owner, I wasn't sure. But he did talk our ears off. At the end, when we were done with our drinks, Dennis steered the conversation to an end and we meandered down to the dock to simply enjoy the water, the place and to talk.

It sometimes amazes us that we are able to find one place during our trip--a new place--to eat a great meal/enjoy the ambience, take in the local flavor as well. We have found, though, that usually, we never can experience it the same, should we ever go back. But you always do, hoping for a repeat performance of the feel, the atmosphere, and not have anything alter your enjoyment of it.

And, as we strolled to the back entry to our motel, I spotted a deer. And then it was two, and then four. . . up to six I counted. Oh, and there was a male with his velvet coated antlers.

I hope to be back with Day Two tomorrow, if I can. Superior Lake was a new experience for us. It's too bad the weather didn't cooperate.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Ba-a-a-ack!

We have just gotten back from our "road trip" to the north woods. Oh, my goodness that was a very nice trip while we were up in the northern part of Wisconsin and edged a section of Michigan, and were in pine and mixed woods that whole time.

Seeing Lake Superior was a great experience and we do want to return when we can enjoy it for a little longer than a day. We stayed in Eagle River. Oh, and we saw the bald eagle when we first got into that area, and then we saw 2 later on while trying to enjoy viewing the lake at a beach. We wanted cool weather, well, we sure got it.

I'll have to write more on this adventure later.

We didn't like coming back home, through Iowa. We've just been over the same ground so many times it's boring. Plus a lot of road construction, and we had a time of it just trying to find a place to stay. Motels had what they call a "black-out" going on, so we couldn't even use our AARP for a discount. GOUGERS!

But the Republicans were there doing something, and there was a state fair also commencing to start (today), and we had to take a room, but the beds had pillow tops (my back did not complain this morning).

Then we were making our way back home. We have a choice of the toll road (I 88), or I-80. Dennis wanted to get home a little quicker and decided on I-88. We were not on it for more than a mile and we saw traffic at a dead stop up ahead, and emergency lights, and smoke. An accident! We had dawdled at a welcome center, got lunch and just enjoyed the nice day. Had we left a little sooner, one way or another we might have either avoided it, or had been right behind it when it happened.

I saw a car up ahead of us do an illegal U-ie, on that drive that they have between the west bound and east bound lanes, and I said "Make a U-turn!" to Dennis. He did.

Back to plan B, we were on I-80. We ran into more one-lane roads for construction zones, and decided to get off of this early, head over to a small town near our area, and grab something for dinner (meatloaf).

We got home at around 2:30. My contract had been sent from my publisher, and it was sitting on my doorstep. And it had rained on it. ]=' I had figured that would happen. So, I brought it in. It was mainly dry except for the bottom edges, and so I used the fan on them and dried them out. I think it will be fine. A little ripply at the bottom, but fine.

So, it looks like everyone has been going about their business and I'll have to get back into the groove.

See you all tomorrow!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something to leave you with

Eric with the hair cut
at least for a few days.
Since my Hunks Thursday was interrupted for my announcement for Heather McCorkle's book tour and give away, I thought I would bring it back today as my parting post.

We are heading north. To the north woods. Wisconsin, up to Lake Superior. Then we'll drive along the lake for great views. Then we'll swing into Duluth Minnesota. We've heard it is spectacular. Thus a camera will be with me.

Eric before the hair cut
  We should be back by Thursday, so you won't be without me for very long.

Okay,Did you like Eric with the long hair or now with the styled short hair.

Leave me a comment below!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank Goddess It's Friday

Suit cases are out. This means we are about to get ready to leave for a very short, but very much needed vacation. It might only be 3 or 4 days, but we need to get away. My husband especially, since he has not taken any time off, except to quit early during those very horribly muggy/hot days. Working outside for a living is one of the hardest things anyone must have to do. (He has come in and changed clothes--down to the underwear-- because he is sopped in sweat!)

I have had this past week off to get my thoughts together, work on my WIP, and get some notes taken, find some information out for the book, and get some words down on the "page". And this has been needed. It has been wonderful to just let my brain work on my characters/scenes/motivations/dialogue, etc. I've managed to get to my 81st page, and have over 30,000 words on my 4th book. This is just too easy! Well, easy, only when I get the time to do this. I would normally be driving a bus right now, in fact, if my husband hadn't told me to take 2 weeks off, I'd be driving one right now. So, a big thanks to him.

Now, the only reason I can get this much done even while I'm home is because I don't have children. I would have all the time in the world if I didn't have to take care of the house, feed my husband, and water my flowers--oh, and eat and do dishes. My husband takes care of the laundry. While home I get it into the dryer and take it out etc. He also makes evening meals, now and then. So, kudos to a supportive husband. This is really the one thing a writer needs is supportive family who understand that when you are working, they have to leave you alone. Not making this clear only frustrates you, but time will fly by you will be in your 60's and your husband will say, "Let's live in Arizona, do this and that...blah-de-blah, blah, blah. (This is what happened to my Mom-in-law, who should have been published before she died, but never got the chance.)

But really, once you are ready to write you have to do one other thing for yourself. I know this is the only way it works for me. GET OFF THE INTERNET!

Setting aside times when you can go and do whatever you wish to do there is fine. You give yourself 30 min or an hour, but you have to make it an allotted set of time. Then, cut yourself off. I have a phone modem and so I unhook the line so that I can't possibly get back on line and do anything.

Just for fun:
Yesterday I checked on RV's by Jayco. I have to share the inside of one of the top-of-the- line called "Embark". When my husband saw these pictures, he had the same reaction: "I want that!"
We both would love to own this and travel around in when we retire. It's just the right size too!

the galley

the bedroom
 Well, that's it for me today. Enjoy your weekend. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I usually do Hunks Thursday, but I've something more important to do today.

My friend Heather McCorkle is having a fantastic give away!!!

The Secret of Spruce Knoll, a YA urban fantasy by Heather McCorkle is being released this month and as part of her celebration, she is having a wonderful--and I do mean WONDERFUL--give away with not just one prize, but 3 prizes!Now, just so you know, her contest begins next Monday, and ends on August 31st. So, there's time to check things out over at her blog.You may go here to view it.

You have to be a follower, at least, and then comment on her blog. You can also gain points for everything you decide to do. And since Heather and I go way back, I'm posting this so that anyone who comes to my blogs--that's right, I've reposted this on two other of my popular blogs--will see it and head on over to Heather's blog to find out what you can win and what you need to do to WIN-WIN-WIN!

I hope that this will be a BIG BASH CELEBRATION for Heather, because she deserves it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breathe Wednesday

Mountain view in Colorado
A beautiful photograph I came across this morning while trying to come up with a cabin mountain retreat for my vampires in fourth book. This one sort of took my breath away. I can almost feel the cool, (low humidity) crisp mountain air on my skin, breath in the pine scent, my eyes able to scan for miles.

I was only successful in finding homes that looked like homes built here in the Midwest--blachk! Unless I went to resorts or lodgings in the Rocky Mnts. I found something built in the middle of national forest, but it was ugly. And they wanted well over one million for it. I wouldn't pay them a dime. I did like the deck and the view (which is one of them above).

Grilling Deck
I could totally get into this deck. I love the view!

I was doing morning dishes when dialogue went through my head for when Sabrina, Rick (you'll meet Rick in second novel), and Tremayne arrive at this cabin. I like the idea that these are vampires who live here. Obviously they would have to hide in the lower portion of this cabin during the day.

This is from the fourth book, so don't worry if you can't figure out where I am. Justs enjoy the moment. Breath. (oh, and one werewolf hunk is introduced here)

"Seize the night, old man!" Lonny greeted us heartily. "Come in, come in. Welcome to Phantom Lodge--as we jokingly refer to it."

"Carpe noctem," Tremayne repeated the greeting in Latin for some reason. "I hope we're not too late. It took a while to find the place. Your road was absolutely terrible."

"Mountain roads usually are, especially a logging road. It keeps the tourists at bay. Except for those pesky four-wheeling idiots. But at any rate, we were just about to go below for the day."

"Below? Sounds like a ship, instead of a lodge," I said low.

Lonny's eyes slid to me.

Tremayne quickly remembered his manners. "Lonny, I'd like you to meet Sabrina. And this is Rick. This is Lonny Pennyweather, our host who will put us up for a few days."

Rick and I said hi to him. I kept my eyes down. Even though I was wearing the mystic ring,
I was following proper vampire etiquette.

"Yours? Indeed, Bjorn, you've always had a discerning eye for the female."

"She's not a  . . . donor." I caught Tremayne's adjusting his word for a woman donor. I knew he would have said blood doll. I detested that slang phrase.

Truly? You never mentioned this. However, I suppose we can share mine."

I rolled my eyes at the conversation, and then took in the rest of the cabin. I loved the stone fireplace, and the knotty pine (or was it cedar?), walls. The furnishings were more like that of a quaint lodge with Native American touches here and there. I fell in love with it right t away and truly wished there were no vampires here to interrupt my enjoyment of it.

"I'm sure you understand," Tremayne continued. "She's off limits." I had to admire that he wanted this to be clear. No one would sink a fang into me while we stayed here. If they did, the Dagger of Delphi might find a home in their heart. It was twitching at my side the moment we got here. I'd be more than happy to introduce them to it. Lonny's eyes darted from me back to Tremayne's. I could see the disappointment there. Oh well. 

"Well, Bjorn, you certainly travel light," Lonny said, still smiling.

"You should see my suit case," I quipped. Rick snickered beside me.

That was when a new person entered the room from a stairway. Dark, wavy hair that fell to his shoulders, blue eyes the color of mountain columbine. His worn jeans fit him like second skin, and the T-shirt he wore over what I could tell was a muscular build had a mountain scenery with an eagle on it. My senses told me he was full Were. Our eyes locked. I felt a tumbling in my heart.

"Ah, Chris. Come and meet our visitors," Lonny said.

Chris came forward and didn't shake Tremayne's hand--which was correct vampire etiquette. But he offered his hand to both myself and Rick. His hands were calloused, I noticed as he merely folded it around min and didn't pump. He did the same with Rick, seeing that he had no arms, and so was being extra careful.

"How do you do?" he said in a nice, slightly hoarse voice that made my heart tumble a bit more.

Grrrr! Okay, that's as far as I got. You like?

ALso, I see I have a new follower. Again, I cannnot see who my followers are, but welcome any way. Make yourself known if you wish, or you may retain your anonymity.

Speaking of which, I've reached the equal # of followers as my age--before my birthday at the end of this month. Wondering if I'll hit #58? Hmmm. But that isn't until the 28th. We'll see if I can do something special for that. Hopefully by then I'll have a release date on the second book. I'm still getting people asking me for it. Which is a good thing. They come out of the woodwork. Loving that part!

What have you all been up to? Have any good moments creating a scene or dialogue? Let me know. Love to hear from you guys.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lorelei Unwraped

The ground fog was dense as cotton as I started out on my hike into the park, early this morning. The heat indexes are going to be an issue today. Thus, all out-door activities are done early. I was considering going out while it was still dark out with a flashlight, but that was a silly notion. I only had Dog Man to contend with, surprising him because I didn't have to drive into the park. He didn't know I was out there. He walks something like 5 or 6 dogs--no leash. I'm so sick of that jerk! I found out he'd gotten a ticket, but he's buds with our superintendent and somehow got off on it. One of these days someone might have to do something about him.

I've just joined Twitter. I don't know how to use it. Possibly I'll figure it out eventually. I've figured things out here, pretty well, so I'm just trying to get with the in crowd, and possibly help myself.

I've worked on my new blog for the second book. When the book is officially about to be released, I'll give you all a link to go check it out. I've yet to see a cover, and that would be something I'd like to have on this page before I release it to everyone.

Walking, my favorite way to relax my mind and get something figured out for a scene. It always seems to work. I had a scene (4th book), where I've just had Sabrina remembering something during her childhood. I'm trying to fill out her past a little bit and this is a sort of turning point in the book. I think I tend to have a theme in mind. It might get away from me while I'm writing, but I usually come back to it when I edit.

This fourth book I'm trying something a little different with the writing style. Instead of the first person through Sabrina's eyes only, I'm going with 3rd person with other characters, getting into Tremayne's head and a few other people in the book. I think it will offer something a little richer for the reader to get into, rather than getting the story from Sabrina's eyes only. I'm working on Tremanye quite a bit, and there's a few other characters, including a very evil vampire. Nope. Can't say any more about that!

Anyway, I'm having fun with my characters, and hopefully everyone who loved the first one will give the second one a read. Then, the third, and then the fourth. . .

Also, happy that Dennis and I have found a dentist that isn't going to pilfer our wallet. The last one told Dennis he had 5-6 cavities. This one told him he had one. And it wasn't urgent. We also had our teeth cleaned. The last ones we went to were a conglomerate with several dentists and several hygienists. We had full mouth x-rays--something my insurance didn't cover, and they never got around to cleaning our teeth. We were told that would cost us in the THOUSANDS!!! Needless to say, we payed the bill for that horrific blunder, and never came back. We were told we needed "deep tissue" cleaning--as if we had to have surgery or something. Yesterday, we simply went in, got 4 x-rays (insurance will cover), and Dennis bit the bullet and let the hygienist go to town. Mine I have to come back for a second go at it. Finally, got our teeth cleaned! We've had so many places screw us (including a phone company), that we were somewhat leery, but we'd been to this dentist before, he's up-to date, but not so far out there that you can't afford him. Even though my insurance only covered 70%, I'd rather take that than 100% and get nothing done, and be told we'd have to take a loan out just to have teeth cleaned!

Well, that was my rant for the week--I hope. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Flying Fingers & what the heck is favicon????

Hi out there to old and new viewers of Muse--you know who you are!

Well, if you read Sabrina's post the other day, you know that I'm on vacation away from my job (driving transit), and I couldn't be happier. I've now got time to reach into my head and pull out all the stops and just write, and allow it to pull the aces, or rabbits out of my hat--or head . . .  whatever.

The third book was finished weeks ago--first/second/third draft--and so I've put it off to the side to rest. The fourth book was in me, and so I just let the thing take me. Sort of fun when things happen like this. I had so many ideas I had to take recordings, jot them down in another document (I always make separate NOTES documents for each book), and now I'm getting caught up. And then of course more ideas come. I even have the ending. Which is great. And I didn't even see it before, but now I do. I LOVE when that happens.

I've just re-vamped (I love using that word!), the blog here for my book, Vampire Ascending~The Book. I think it looks great. Those of you who've been there, thanks for stopping by. I posted it on facebook and I can see I had a lot of visits. This blog is all about the book, any blogs I've appeared on have been placed here, too. On the side-bar I've written small blurbs about each character you meet there.I changed the background too--it's sort of cool, a field of green wheat (looked like corn to me), and the sun has just set--which was perfect!

I'm hopeful I can do something special this month with my 1st book, but I won't know until later if I'll be able to. My birthday is at the end of this month--always hated it as a child because I was usually back to school (hated school, it meant all my little day dreams ended), and it's no different now since I drive NIU students around and thousands of students come back and it's like driving through an ant hill!--so hopefully I can celebrate it in a way that will include you guys. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

And as I've been getting all sorts of people telling me how much they liked the first book, Vampire Ascending, and can't wait for the second one, Vampire's Trill, I can report that my editor at Copperhill Media is half-way through edits. I may be getting these in a matter of weeks to okay and send back. I'm hopeful about the cover, too. Everyone loved the cover of my first book. I couldn't agree with them more. I know what I would like to see, but I don't know what they will find.

Speaking of Vampire's Trill, I've been working on that book's site here at blogspot. Not finished yet, so I'm not going to give the site out as yet, so be patient. Anyway, I noticed something at the top when I'm working in "design" you know where you add and arrange page elements? Does anyone know what "favicon" is. It's this little tab up on the top, left hand side when you're in designing your page. Does anyone know what this is and how to use it? I'd love to know, so PLEASE, if you have used this at all, tell me what it's for. I don't want to mess with it until I know. I'm hopeful that it will come into great use for me.

Okay, that's all from me on this Monday morning. I hope the rest of you are doing well, and have a good day!

Chickens lay eggs, and so do Turtles

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