Saturday, December 31, 2011




 I was checking out the hunk in the cape... really I was... when I began perusing the VAMPCHIX post for new releases for December. And then I scrolled down to see a few of the other releases and found....

Well, I was just overly excited by the very fact that an anthology was included... and this anthology put out by Dark Moon Digest happens to include one of my short stories, "The Spy Who Big Me". It can be found at Amazon.

And I scrolled down checking things out, and I was posting over on facebook, and suddenly another familiar book cover...and MY EYES POPPED OUT OF MY HEAD!

I realized that Patricia Altner has placed this post up on VampChix today. There's a lot of other great reads if you are a vampire lover. I'm just happy to have my book included in such a fantastic array of vampire novels out in December. What a nice Happy New Year surprise for me!

Thank you Patricia and thank you VampChix!

Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello, my pretties... yes, it's me. I'm working on the blog again. Just sort of sprucing things up a bit. I tired of the old wall paper and decide for something different, something that gave the place depth. I know you were concerned when you got here about what the heck is going on with Lorelei's Muse. I'm going to be making a few little changes here and there... so I didn't want to change things too much on you.

I can't believe that this year 2011 is going out, out, out. And in comes a brand new year. We'll all have to get used to writing 2012 on things, won't we?

I'm seeing a number of you placing posts up about your plans for next year. We all want to succeed in the new year and get these projects we've started done and put out there.

I definitely have way too many projects on my hands and wonder if I'll get some of them finished.
I'm writing a mystery, right now, which is quite different from what I've been doing up to now. Well, it's a mystery with a little paranormal activity happening, but I definitely wanted something that would appeal to people who don't like vampires, or other fantasy elements. Although a ghost might fit in with some people's range of beliefs.

So, I've got that. I'm also working on my self-published book Spell of the Black Unicorn. I'm still in two minds as to what to do with it. Since it's in a book format right now, I've wanted to put it in an ebook format and have control over it. But I'm not sure if I've got the time and energy to place it on Smashwords. But I would like to. But before I do I'm going through it, and with help of my beta reader, Shelly Arkon (hi, Shelly!), I'll eventually get this thing into shape for whatever I decide to do with it.

I've begun a horror piece which I want to work on some more. It won't be more than a novella. That I want to approach a publisher with, but I'm not saying who as yet.

I wish to give thanks to all of you who have stopped by and made comments over the past year.

And a special thank you to the following people who have featured me, my book, and/or a review of my books this year: YOUR AWARD IS BELOW!!

~ To Shelly Arkon who had some fabulous things to say about my first vampire book, Vampire Ascending, and had hosted me a couple of times--you are a fantastic friend, and I think our friendship will last a life-time. She also was one of the winners of Vampire's Trill on one of the blogs that featured my book's debut.

~ To Dora Dee who has been spending an inordinate amount of time on her Blackberry tweeting about my book and she had the first review of Vampire's Trill. She's one heck of a friend to have in my corner and because of her hard work, she has won a hard copy of Vampire's Trill.

~ To Heather McCorkle, who has been my blogging friend from the beginning. I've watched as she worked hard to get her very first book out there. She's a very supportive friend and she has been a wonderful person to get to know.

I've been given a special award, today, and want to pass it along to these three women specifically because they've been constant friends for a while. I want to thank Christine Rains for giving me this award. It's a pleasure to know her, and many of you out there! I'm supposed to give it to twenty people, but time is taking its toll here and I simply am out of time.

For now Heather, Shelly and Dora Dee you may take your award for Great Comments on my posts.
Thank you everyone and hope to see you all in the new year and meet a few new ones as well ! !

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Year's CHARLEY SHEEN AWARDS for the worse behavior by humans Goes to...

I'm always quite amazed at how horrible people are during the Christmas shopping time. So, I thought I would do my first awards post about people who display unbelievable, terrible behavior in the heat of their rush to get the shopping done.

To the woman who, when exiting WALMART, and was asked by the 77 year old greeter to show him her receipt, and instead, smacked this man so hard it sent him to the hospital.


And I really must give the ULTIMATE CHARLEY SHEEN AWARD TO:

HERMAN CAIN, after a Georgia woman claims that she'd had a 13 year-long affair with him--and he continued not only to lie to the public... but also to his wife.

Yep. Sheen's hat is off to you, buddy!

Did I miss anyone? Can you think of someone whose behavior really deserves the Charley Sheen award? I'm sure you can!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday From Book #3

I first want to say that I'm off for a few weeks and that I've been able to do a lot of writing, and working through the WIP(s) that I have. I've got many of them, actually too many, but that's me. I've even gotten my mystery book's plot solved! WOO HOO!

My husband has begun reading my second book. My husband doesn't read anything. He's tried to read other books, but he simply can't get into them. He tells me it isn't just because I wrote it, but that it is because he feels that I'm that good of a writer. Well, he's my husband and I guess that doesn't count. Just the fact that he's reading it is a complement in itself.

Now that the second book is out there and I've been feeding you several teasers from the book, I felt that before too long I'd be giving away too much of the book. And I don't want to do that *winks*.

So, today I thought I would bring you a scene from the third book. This one is going to be my "steampunk" novel. I think what I enjoy about writing fantasy is that one can to just about anything with their characters, and take them to new worlds. And that's precisely what I've done in this next book.

So, without further ado...

Surrounded by darkness, It was as though I hadn't gone anywhere. But I knew I had gone somewhere—just like before. As I looked around myself objects slowly began to emerge from the gloom. I stood on a cobblestone lane between two buildings made of black, red and gray brick. The bricks were a little larger than those I was used to. I noticed blue-green glass lanterns hanging at the corner of the building. I guessed they were gas-fed lanterns. Odd that they were not made of clear glass, but then the shade of blue was very subtle and easy on the eyes. Vampires usually liked red lights, but this would serve the same purpose.
The light wasn't enough to see by from where I stood at perhaps twenty yards from a main street—this my Knowing fed me. Then I heard the sound of horses' hooves on pavement, wagon wheels and the jingle of chains. I was very sure at this point that I was no longer on Earth.
I took a deep breath. My lungs felt a bit starved for oxygen; the air seemed thin, and I noticed a mist lingered above me. Or what I thought was fog, as it might have been the woodsmoke I smelled. I felt somewhat dizzy as I took in a few more breaths, tasting it, and finding something denser, harsher, almost like soot. I took deeper gulps of air, trying to pull in much needed oxygen. Cold, yet somewhat dry air filled my lungs. But again, it was as though there was less oxygen here and it wasn't enough to keep me from getting the head spins like I'd had two glasses of wine—all at once.
Voices and the clip-clop of hooves on cobblestone alerted me that someone was coming toward me. I turned ready to bolt down the lane when my foot caught on something. I tumbled over something large and went down hard—my knees and hands taking the brunt of the fall on hard brick. Gasping an expletive, I twisted around to look back at the approaching carriage. I couldn't see it. It had stopped short.
Footfalls of someone coming quickly intensified my panic. Their shadows grew across the lane—they were closing in.
I moved to get up. Then my eyes fell on the dead woman I'd tripped over.

©2011 Lorelei Bell

Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Life is Short...

Hello, my pretties...

Yes. LIFE IS TOO SHORT, so enjoy your coffee. I like this message. Especially as we look forward to a new year. Whatever your hopes and dreams for the coming year, I hope they come true.

Since the second book is now out there, I'm working on the third book more heavily. You'll all want to read that for sure.

I'm announcing winners of a few contests for the second book here later on. They already know that they are about to get the books.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa is coming tonight...

So, you'd better watch out.

And have a Coke waiting for him, with a plate of cookies!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Taking a break from blogging for the next few days.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 1st Day of Winter!

Well, you wouldn't know it to look outside my window right now that it is the first day of winter... there should be SNOW down. There isn't. You see green grass as far as the eye can see.

Well, I'd have to say that it's good in ways and bad. I don't mind having a mild winter for a change. Even a snowless one. I recall we had a very mild one back in 1999 (the year my father died), and we sat outside on New Years in lawn chairs in shorts. It was in the 70's--and no. We were not in Arizona at the time. We were right outside in our own back yard.

We don't have to drive in snow. That's one good point.

But on the other hand, having lived in the midwest all my life you sort of have the mind set that there should be snow on the ground by now and you should be freezing your assets off!

A bit of news:

Yesterday I got confirmation that the 7 books I ordered from my publisher for promotions (one is mine to keep), was sent on Monday. I got up and told my husband this bit of news--because he wants to read this next book badly and had hoped that he would be able to while we're off these next two weeks.

It wasn't five minutes later when he came to my office door asking me "When did you say the books were shipped?"


He moved into the door way further and held a large box in his hands. "Well, they're here!"

Weird, huh?

Because of the Christmas crush I'll wait until next week to send any books out. A couple of people won them and I need to send them out so that they can enjoy. I will announce winners then.

There really is nothing like seeing your own book in physical form. Holding it in my hands--oh, and by the way the cover is more awesome in person than in a picture. Believe me!---I read the back cover to my husband and couldn't quite finish I was just overwhelmed. A 30+ year old dream has come true. I've now got two books--a series--out there and people are buying it and enjoying it! I plan on getting the third book out next year and I'll have the fourth one ready at some point there after. I'm already getting ideas for the fifth book. It just never stops when I have developed characters and their world to such an extent that they seem real to me.

I have other things I'd like to work on as well. Eventually I'll reveal them, but they are in planning stages, or barely a few chapters written that I can't really talk about them.

Ah... 17 days off, I will have my writing cap on and I'll be deep into the mode. Of course we'll take a few days off to enjoy together as always.

One more day to get it done with, and I'll be FREE!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Wednesday...

I've been giving you snowman humor. But let me see if I can't mix it up just a bit.

Hopefully I didn't repeat anything. But if I did, forgive me.

Wishing you all a wonderful Winter Solstice Eve!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Hey, gang! Since I'm strapped for time (I have to get ready to go to work yet), I'm going to send you over to Heather McCorkle's blog for a nice teaser, as she was nice enough to wish my book well yesterday on her blog.

I will also send you to Lorelei's Archives to read a first chapter of Vampire's Trill there.

Have a great Tuesday all!

Lorelei at Borders book siging January 2011 with Vampire Ascending

Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm ecstatic that my very first REVIEW is up and posted for Vampire's Trill!

Blogie friend, Dora Dee told me over the weekend that she was "Thralled" by my book, and admitted that while she Christmas shopped, she actually couldn't wait to get back home and finish my book! That to me is the most glowing review of all, and I thank her for all her work in getting the word out about the book. She has tweeted, posted and placed the review over on Good Reads. But the link to her blog is above. Click on "REVIEW" to read it.

Anyone else who does a review please contact me at loreleibell4(at)gmail(dot)com. Or anything you wish to tell me about the book. I'm happy to answer any questions, or entertain your thoughts.

Thank you!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Being Thankful as A Writer

I've just read something very good by James Scott Bell, over on The Kill Zone. I shouldn't be too amazed that I found this piece rather moving for me, personally. I will share the link with you in a little bit. I wanted to share my own thoughts on being thankful as a writer here.

It's been a long haul for me to finally feel grateful to be a writer. I've often thought of it as a curse because... well, I've had a hard time becoming published, or accepted in the writing world. An agent wouldn't touch me. But, that's okay. If they don't think my writing is worth their while, then too bad. I've got some major issues with top publishers also, but we won't go there. I was supposed to be grateful for being a writer.

So, here I am writing about writing again. I have 3 novels out there, and some things in the wings, and had a short story just recently be accepted and it's now out there along side some other wonderful writers. How could I not be happy? I have many fans out there who love my work. I just wish it were more than a couple dozen.

Being a writer means that I can make up stories and possibly be paid for it. I can sit alone in my room and ponder the next sentence, or even the next words, or the plot of a whole book. I love to create worlds, disastrous situations, lovable characters that readers will--I hope--love and enjoy.

I have earned the right to be slightly neurotic and talk to myself. I might look off into the distance and my husband knows that I'm not ignoring him, but that I'm actually thinking about my book or story. Others who don't know me just think I'm neurotic, crazy, or peculiar... which I am. I'll admit that.

I sometimes loose focus on the importance of being a writer. We are creative people. You don't run into that many people who would cut off all social ties so that they can sit alone in a room and write. I used to hate when a friend would demand I go out with her to the bars. That was boring, but I must admit it was fodder for any bar scenes I might need to write. As a result, I don't have that many friends that want to socialize with me and I avoide the phone as though it had the plague wiped all over it. I HATE talking endlessly on the phone and not knowing how to end a conversation. Thank goodness for email!

People who envy you (yes, there are those who do), and say "Oh, I should do that" (write), but don't. Those are not writers. They are dreamers of doing something "romantic" like writing. But once they receved one rejection, they'd probably quit.

We are not quitters. We write and enjoy it so much even in the face of being rejected a hundred times, we believe--or try to believe--that maybe if I do thus and thus, it will be accepted with the next one. 

Of course, now in this self-publishing world, we can do it so easily, but I hope we are wise enough to get at least one critique on it before hand.

What I guess I'm saying is that we are a unique group of people and we do need to consider ourselves lucky to know that our words will find their way into the hands of someone who will enjoy reading them, and give you a nice comment, or give you a glowing review.

I've experienced this with my first book, Spell of the Black Unicorn. It was self-published, and I was so thrilled to hold something that I wrote, and have people buy it and tell me they liked or even "loved" it. I  drew the cover, and did all the formatting inside the book. It was the first book I actually got to hold with my words inside it. That made me gosh darn happy and grateful besides.

I now have two novels published since then and all the excitement about this makes me happy, but slightly bitter sweet about the fact that it took so darn long to find my way to this point. But what James Scott Bell said resonated with me. Often what he writes does. And I'm very glad that I got to read it.

If you're feeling blue at this time of year over the state of things, confused over why you're doing what you're doing, go read THIS by James Scott Bell. It might resonate with you too and make you gosh darn proud to be part of the writing community.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm Visiting Fangtastic Books Today!

Me at my very last book signing at BORDERS in DeKalb.
Hi to all of my adoring fans... Well, maybe that was a bit much. But you who are out there lurking, and stalking me... you know who you are!... I'm at Fangtastic Books, today, my host Roxanne was kind enough to put up another CONTEST to win a copy (ebook or a paperback copy). If you have yet to enter a contest, this is on-going as we speak! So head on over THERE NOW!

I'm working on a new novella, this is going to be in the horror fiction genre. I actually have taken scenes from Vampire Ascending which I've cut from it. I realized these scenes made the book too long and I also realized I had another entire book--or a short book, at least--I wanted to re-write it. This will not be a Sabrina Strong book, but a totally different one. I'm still playing with the title, too. It has a werewolf in it and an Indian legend called a Windigo (and I'm not sure about the spelling right now). My bloggy bud, Shelly Arkon, was nice enough to be the guinea pig my beta reader for this new novel. She's a big-hearted woman, and one of my adoring fans. Give her a round of applause. *cheers, clapping, etc.*

My back is a bit better today. My husband is doing some housework for me. Give him a round of applause *YAY! Cheers! Clapping*.

And I'm trying to find some notes from when I was writing this section of the book a few years ago. I'm unable to locate it )^; Must be in a bin somewhere...

Well, you all have a good weekend! And if you don't have any luck with this contest, I have another coming up on Monday. Swing back here and I'll let you know where!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Hello, my prietties.

Yes! That's the news! The paperback is now available via the usual distributors, for those of you who would rather hold a book in your hands than some electronic device... and I don't blame you. I do too!

I've had quite a week driving later in the day into the night, and so I have had to adjust. And now, because of the long 1 hour long route (my usual bus route is only a half hour), my back is letting me know that I'm just not able to do this sort of thing much longer. So... please tell people about my books. If you have friends who enjoy vampire fiction, direct them to the series. They will thank you. I will thank you. And maybe some day I'll be able to get off this bus and not be in such pain I can't even make my bed ( my husband had to do it this morning... that's why I love him--among other things, of course (^;)

All for today. Have a very good day, and be careful driving around. People are not paying attention!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In A Hurry? Think Twice when you drive

Last night was rainy, and when it became dark, it was down right crazy and somewhat surreal.

As some of you may know, I drive a transit bus for NIU, in DeKalb. I don't usually take a second shift (from 1pm-7pm), but because of the fact we need to take the same shift and another driver has seniority, we had to take this later shift--and so the last 2 or so hours we are driving in the dark.

I love what they've done with one street, the white lights wound around the trees makes me think of "It's A Wonderful Life". But last night it felt surreal in the rain. We should be getting snow, here in northern Illinois. I'm not sure which would have been worse.

I suppose snow, since there were so many people in such a hurry. I know of 2 accidents within the last two hours of my shift. It took every fiber of my concentration to make sure I arrived safely at every stop. This is my livelihood. It's how I make money.

Unfortunately, as I do not enjoy it. I get no real breaks. Imagine not having more than 5 minutes to use a bathroom or eat something. Sometimes I can manage to get back to the student center and have 10 minutes, but that's rare. I drive a route that is one hour--but I can do it in about 50 min., if weather is good, and there is no delays (like accidents, etc.).

I also do not like bad, inconsiderate drivers. I hate drivers who are in such a hurry they will put their own lives, as well as other people's lives at risk. I'm also appalled at how many people drive while on the cell phone--or worse, texting, which is illegal. I hope that using all such devices will be banned while driving. It has no place while you are driving.

I see a few drivers coming out of parking lots and do not have their headlights on. PLEASE~! Make sure you have your lights on when you leave a parking area. You are really risking your life when you do not.

So, if I were to give you all who stop by a bit of advice it is this: Please take responsibility when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Too many people's lives, holiday plans, family ( and others), are put at risk when you take your mind and eyes off what is happening around you. Drive defensively.

I can happily say I have had only one slide-off-the-road (just my own car), accident when the roads were sheer ice in my own car, but that could happen to anyone. I have never had any accident with a bus.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday, everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday ~ From Chapter 12: The Mystic Ring

The origin of the Mystic Ring is debatable, but it now is on Sabrina's finger. This is a discussion between herself and Bill Gannon about it and a gloomy forecast of things to come.

“Get out of my way!” I growled and moved through the ruined room. He caught me by the shoulder. My eyes flicked down at his strong hand, and then upward, meeting a gaze that threatened to melt me, should I allow it. His fingers released me as I jerked out of his grasp. We faced one another in Mrs. Bench's living room.
“Sabrina, this is far from over. Be prepared for war,” Bill warned. “There are many supernaturals who now know who you are and where you live. The portal opening has announced it in the strongest way.”
“I never asked for this! Why would they care?” I felt the tears rush to my eyes again. I couldn't hold them back as I looked up at him. Maybe that dark-winged angel had been there, after all.
“You wear the mystic ring of King Solomon.” He gestured with his eyes toward my hand.
“What?” Too rattled to catch on, I didn't understand what he meant.
“The ring,” he explained, his tone still moderate, his expression unreadable. “It is thousands of years old, and has many powers.”
I looked down at my right hand and found that my glove was missing — I didn't remember it coming off, and couldn't see where it had gone. I gazed at the wide band of dull silver on my middle finger, but knew it wasn't silver, or it would have burned me. It was extremely dense. In the butter-soft lighting of the room, I could see there was strange-looking writing around the band — nothing I'd ever seen before, and clearly, nothing I could decipher.
“The mystic ring was once owned by King Solomon, the magician,” Bill explained. “He used it to help him rule demons. He collected a variety of magical things in his lifetime, but it wasn't his to keep. It is very ancient.”
I stood staring at him with my mouth open trying to comprehend this. It was like he was trying to explain physics to me, and so, naturally, it went over my head.
“It was hidden on a higher plane until the next sibyl was born. You.” He pointed at me. “They had to wait until you were born, and then find you through the cosmos.”
“I don't understand. You're saying that, supposedly, I was around during Solomon's time?”
“No. You are born in this lifetime. You are the only known sibyl in the world, now. Until only recently, your birth was a secret from us all. How fortunate that my grandmother happens to live across from you.”
I slitted my eyes at him, “Yeah, real fortunate.”

Monday, December 12, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Weather-wise

We have had no measurable snow as yet. Yep. We had a dusting. A dusting that could be blown off the vehicle's windshield and swept from the steps, etc. And this week we're going to get into the 40's and have rain.
Now, I'm not complaining, because living in the northern portion of Illinois we are usually dumped on. I live only 60 miles west of Chicago. Everyone around us has had snow. Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin... even southern Illinois, Kentucky etc. have had snow.

I'm not complaining. Really. I have to drive a transit bus through it and recalling the blizzard we had a year ago while driving, yeah. I'll take this over that. When I'm off the two weeks (17 days), during Christmas/New Years, it can snow all it wants.

So, those are my thoughts for today. I'm working the second shift along with my husband. I sure hope things go better for him today. We have two weeks of driving to go before our 17 off. Lean times, but we should get through it fine as long as nothing disastrous happens.

What's going on with you this morning? Notice my Garfield cup is actually empty. I already drank mine and have had breakfast. Just scrambled Egg Beaters, canned pears and Lactose Free cottage cheese.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Clearing My Brain

After driving one run of the #7 through the Walmart and Target parking lot (among other places), I feel a little bit like this fellow. I'm not bad right now, actually. My husband had a worse day than I... However, by the time we are into our second week of these nasty runs we will definitely feel green and want to go "Bah Humbug" to the whole thing.

Ah-h-h... I feel better having gotten that off my chest. But, just so you know, I may have to let out steam again at some point later on this week. But tomorrow I will post the Coffee Klatch post, Tuesday I hope to put up another Teaser Tuesday, which I've missed a couple of weeks in a row, it seems. Wednesday I have some more humorous comics to post. And I think that is all I can promise you all at this point.

As for what I'm working on, well, it's a novelette. And it slightly deviates from my Sabrina Strong Series, as  it's horror fiction, and has nothing to do with the series. It's actually derived from scenes I took out of Vampire Ascending, because as I realized these scenes were very unrelated, and made the book too long. I saw that I actually had another book, basically. But I don't think it will be much longer than 50,000 words--which is right around the range for a novelette. I've wanted to put this one down, but until now I didn't really have the time. Now, maybe I do and will be working on that for the next several weeks, see what I can do with it. 

Hopefully you all had a restful Sunday. I'm ready for some R&R!

Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week's Up-dates & Appearances for Vampire's Trill

Since my book's release I've had many people stop by interested in helping me spread the word about Vampirei's Trill. My second book in the Sabrina Strong Series and I have been on 4 blogs this week. The first two were VampChix, and Suburban Vampire--Monday and Tuesday respectively.

My friend, Shelly Arkon, helped to celebrate it's birth week by posting about it on her blog The Life of a Novice Writer--you can catch that HERE.

And Meradeth Snow has generously offered to run an interview with me on her blog Write Stuff, and you can read this post HERE.

And now for some other news. My short story, "The Spy Who Bit Me" was picked up by Dark Moon Press and it is about to go to press this coming week. I've just sent back my approval of the PDF file they sent me. This will be up on Amazon in time for Christmas, and whenever I get the link I will share it, you better believe it! It has other short stories from awesome authors I'm getting to know on other facebook groups I belong to.
Here is the cover. Sort of awesome, I know.
My story is told from a male vampire's p.o.v. and is in present tense--a very hard thing to do, and it was a little challenging. This was actually an older manuscript that I tried to sell everywhere about 10 years ago and got nowhere with it. Of course I improved upon the original, and added a little more horrific moments--but not too many. It's mainly rather humorous about a vampire who encounters a lady spy and he follows her through a cemetery, a park and then saves her from being shot, and then from being arrested by the FBI because she was--well--a spy, and then... Well I don't want to give too much away, do I?

This coming week, beginning Sunday, I will have a different schedule at work, so I may not be posting quite as often, or around as much. However, I will be on Roxanne's Fangtastic Books Blog next week (Dec. 17th). See you out there! And if you've not dropped by my Facebook Fan Page and would like to, here is that link: Fans of Vampire Ascending/Sabrina Strong Series

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowman humor

Sorry folks. This has just been one busy week, so I'm sharing with you some snowman humor. This should lift your spirits, make you chuckle and forget all your worries... at least I hope so.


Tundra Comics

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where I'm At Today ~ Suburban Vampire, of course!

Hello, my lovelies, and a special dark hello to all my favorite lurkers and stalkers. You guys make it happen, you know that. So, listen up...

TODAY: I'm over on Suburban Vampire where Cathrine has given me 5 questions about things that scare me or things that I find interesting on that level of scariness, including which vampire in my series I find most scary. Go and find out what they are HERE. PLUS there is a give away! So, if you want another chance to win a copy of Vampire's Trill get on over there pronto!

Tomorrow I will post another one of my excerpts for you, since today I wanted to send you all off to have fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ Book Launch

Hey, everyone! How are you this morning. I had to get up and check my favorite blogs early. I thought the picture above was appropriate for today. If I had a VampChix cup, that would have been here, but I don't.

Why? Well, because my new book has begun its launch on VampChix today. If you want a chance to snag yourself a copy of Vampire's Trill--my new exciting read--then head on over there now.

The rest of you can sit and chat with me, if you like.

In my coffee today, I will have something called peppermint mocha, a decadent creamer a friend of mine (Jennifer Weydert), gave to me as a Christmas present.

And I'm having chocolate cake because I can!

What are you all having in your cups and with, and what is up in your world today?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Couple of Milestones and a Chat About Writing

I'm amazed at how a year goes by so swiftly now. My husband and I have just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. But we've been together for 25--our first date Anni is more important to us.

Dennis and I stayed home last night, brought out all our loose pictures (in two bins), and went through them and enjoyed our memories of the trips, the Christmases, and so forth.

And of course the other milestone is my second book coming out this past week. The paperback is to follow next week. And I begin my blog tour. I have lots of things lined up. If anyone wants to host me/my new book (aside from those who are already), please let me know. You can email me or leave a comment with your email.

For many of you, you may not know that I have worked on my writing for 3 decades. I am dyslexic, and so before there were any computers or spell check I had big trouble getting the spelling right, as well as the grammar. I struggled with typing page after page and retyping them all over again and again. Do you know how much work that was? Many of you don't.

When I began writing, you could actually approach a publisher yourself--you didn't need an agent, but it was good if you had one. I know of some people who had been invited to New York, read about it in papers and such. My mother-in-law had that opportunity to speak to a publisher, she had an agent, too. However the reasons as to why she didn't take the advise given to her at that time and apply it, has died with her. She never quite revealed the truth to me. I think it was because she had a family of four children and a husband who did not really support her in this idea of writing. She did not continue it when she retired. It's quite complicated, so I won't go into it here.

Writing for me--and I know a lot of you (since I read your blogs/post about it from time to time)--is something you can't just stop doing. You may have a full time job but you want to be home writing and working on your craft. You wonder if you will ever get whatever it is your writing done. You will, I asure you, you will.

Been There Done That!

I think with Vampire Ascending it took me 4-5 years from the concept of the book to finish. I worked on the story/plot, the characters, their world (as it is an urban fantasy), figured out what folk-lore I would use and what I would not. I learned quite a bit by browsing other people's blogs, read many books and I re-wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote. As a mater of fact, the first chapter that I had was changed weeks before I even tried to send it out. What you read in the beginning of Vampire Ascending was actually the second chapter. I took the advise: "Sometimes your second/later chapter is where the story begins". I was told by my mother-in-law that something needs to happen within the first 3-5 pages of the story. The way I'd had it, nothing really happened in the first chapter.

When it comes to the writing process, don't cheat it. That's my advise. You need to take your time to develop your characters. They need to have a past. They need to feel as real to you as anyone you might know, or anyone on the street. That disgusting guy that stinks and has scraggly hair, no teeth, and walks around looking lost, may be an ex-Vietnam vet / homeless person, etc. You don't know what people have gone through their lives and are the way they are now because of it. So, your characters need to have a reason for being who they are, and you had better damn well know why. And this counts toward your secondary characters and the minor ones, too, if they play any part in the drama/action/plot developments.

As I write this I'm going through the fourth book of the series. The way I write is thus: I write a first draft--which may take me anywhere from 3-5, or 6 months (because that's how long it takes). Every time I return to the manuscript in progress, I often read through what I wrote the day before--unless I've got a scene that's itching to be put down. When I do, I edit as I go. When I do the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth drafts (hard to tell any more since I don't type them on paper but do this all on computer now), I do what I like to call a "layering in" of details and anything new that strikes me to put down, and take out whatever is crap-writing. Things can still change in the sixth draft and often do. I've changed something and have had to go back and rearrange things, take scenes or dialogue out. It's work, but I would much rather be doing that than anything else. A good thing to use is the bookmark feature if you have it for your manuscript. And the "note" under the INSERT heading on your document.

You may have a different way of writing. Maybe this sort of layering isn't what you do and you are the organized type who has an outline for every single chapter. Everyone has to find their own way of writing. There is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Well, this was quite long, but I felt I needed to chat with you today.

Tomorrow I start off my blog tour for the book Vampire's Trill !

It is also Coffee Klatch Monday, stop in and tell us what you are having in, and with your coffee, and what you're up to. I will be on VampChix tomorrow! There is going to be an ebook give away, so don't miss it.

On Tuesday, I am also going to be over on Subrban Vampire with Cathrine, who I believe had some questions for me, and another ebook give away.

Should be fun. Please try and join me if you can.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vampire's Trill Book Tour & CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVEAWAY!

The other day I had a conversation with a young man on my bus who is an English major. His name is Tony, and he reviewed my first book,Vampire Ascending, for me at the paper he worked for at the time. He was very excited about my second book having come out. (Tony's review is included my "reviews" page)

He said "Well, all the hard work is done, huh?"

"No. Not really," I said. "Promoting it is a lot of work too. What I need is for people to talk about it to other people. Give it support."

Since Tony read and loved my book (gave it 4 1/2 stars, and compared my writing to Anne Rice), he was happy to oblige. He told me he would get in touch with his ex-editor and give my book a shout out. I told him that would help me.

I love being in touch with my audience, and talk about the books, it gives any author a sense of accomplishment--to know that they enjoyed the first book and want to read the next one so badly they can't wait for the second one to come out, and are willing to help give it a boost.

Are you one of those people? Are you willing to help out and share the news of my second book's launch Vampire's Till, and have a chance to win a copy (ebook or paperback--your choice)?

If so, here is what I'm doing this month. From Monday the 5th, up through December 24th, I'm having my book launch. If you wish to be part of it this is what you can do:

1. Be or become a follower on this blog--and make a comment that you are / have done so.(1point)

2. Follow the book(s) on my Fan Page on facebook--you can request to join it and I will add you to it, if you are not already there (this will count as 2 points)

3. Post about the book on your blog. Or you can host me at your blog, if you wish--I would love to be on your blog. (2- for posting about it, 3 points for hosting me on your blog at some point)

4. Follow the book tour every week and share on Twiter, and/or facebook, or post about the tours (my appearances) as they happen. (2 points each:Twitter, facebook, post)

5. Each week I will be on another blog, and will announce it on Monday, beginning this Monday. Stop by, grab the link and post about it on your blog during the week, Tweet, share to facebook and leave a message in comments noting that you did. (1 point for each thing--total combined 3 points)

Each thing above has point values, as marked. For the next 3 weeks you will add to your points every time you do any of the above things.

At the end of the 3 weeks (December 25th) I will add up the points for each person. Second place winner will have their choice of ebook of either Vampire's Trill OR Vampire Ascending--ebooks or the paperback copies.

First place winner will win both books (choice of ebook or paperback)! Plus...

Items will vary, but these are things that might be added:

gem pen

note pad

bath salts

Again, it will be up to you, if you continue to come back to this blog, announce/comment on one of my blog posts Monday thru Friday, throughout the month what you have done and I will announce the gift of that week on Sunday. I will announce winners on January 1st.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Vampire's Trill is now available on Smashwords--available on all reading devices!
Lorelei Bell has created another unique and mesmerizing mystery masterwork that tops its prequel Vampire Ascending in drama, fast-paced action, love, passion, heartache, and devastation,. New friends, new adventures, shocking revelations, and harrowing experiences make for riveting reading in this second installment of the Sabrina Strong Series.
Sabrina learns more details – through Vasyl's recounting of his human and vampire life – of what her role as a sibyl means and how the past and the future will come together. She finally learns what role Vasyl has played in his search for the next sibyl and why she is so tremendously important.
As Sabrina's partner, Dante, puts himself at risk to help all of mankind, Sabrina learns why newcomer, Bill Gannon, is so interested in her, and she works to protect Bjorn Tremayne from losing it all. Sabrina's past catches up to her, and she discovers that not everyone is, ow was, what she thought. New characters, some kind and trustworthy, and some not, contribute to a captivating story line, and Sabrina finds herself on a journey she never thought possible."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coming Soon!

I'm very excited to announce that I'm going to be interviewing author of The Spirit Walker Series: Cold Magic and Cold Fire, Kate Elliott!


I have not establish the day I'll have this interview up, but will announce it ahead of time. So, you'll just have to pay attention!

Do you know that she lives in Hawaii? I could use some warm sand right about now!

Tomorrow--Wednesday--I will be appearing on Suburban Vampire, to announce my second book Vampire's Trill, which is due out any day now! Aren't you excited? I know I am.
So, stop by again this week, I'll have more for you then.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ What's In Your Cup Today?

Well, this cute little guy just decided to plop down inside my cup this morning.

Just kidding. But the picture was so cute I just couldn't resist it and I know you couldn't either. I'm right, aren't I?

Wow. I had 3 days of intense read-through of my edits sent to me from my publisher. I wanted to get them done because the sooner they're done, the sooner all of you will be able to get your hands on a copy.

So, has everyone out there gotten their fill of turkey and pumpkin pie and more turkey and more pie and are you ready to get on crash diets?
I didn't have pumpkin pie--too sinful! I made that cherry pie, and that was very good, and then just this morning I made my fluffy chocolate chip cookies. So, That's what I'm having with my coffee this morning, is my chocolate chip cookie.

Share what you're having this morning, and a little bit of what you plan to do today, whether you have to go to work or what it might be.

I've got today off. I don't have very many Mondays left where I will be off, so I'm gonna make the most of it. I'm sending the short story I worked on last week to Lori W. Branson of Dark Moon Horror. I'm not real sure she'll want it--there isn't much horror in it, but it is a vampire story with action and some tongue-in-cheek moments (most of you know my brand of writing, right?) and it's from a male's perspective. I remember when I wrote "The Spy Who Bit Me", it was some years back and when I reviewed it just a short while ago, I could see right away I needed to chuck the beginning and get down to the action right away. So, we'll see if they'll take it.

I have other things pending. I'm going to be on Suburban Vampire this Wednesday, VampChix the week after that. After this, I haven't anything scheduled until I show up on Heather's Odyssey on the 19th, but I'm hoping to get some places lined up for my next book.

Okay, it's your turn!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cold Magic ~ A Review

Cold Magic by Kate Elliott was one of those reads where you can loose yourself in the story easily. I like to read before bedtime, and found that I could open the book back up and be quite lost in it's richly researched alternate history, great characters and fantasy/Steampunk elements in this book.

It's quite a concoction.Elliott herself calls it a "mash-up" of "Afro-Celtic post-Roman icepunk Regency novel with airships...". Elliot somehow makes this Steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi so realistic you can taste the coal smoke on the air, feel the sting of cold on your nose and fingertips. When I read where the girls were in massive factories, she didn't nice it up at all, there were beleaguered workers that were treated more like slaves. As you read through this alternate history world, you come across pieces of information which links what you know as history of our world and the world within this book and it is done with such exacting measure a laser could not have done better.

The adventure is continuous once our main character, Cat Barahal is forced into marriage to a powerful cold mage--who is arrogant to the extreme. Cat, and her cousin, Bee, seem to be typical teenagers who are experts at sneaking through windows when they should be in bed. But the adventure starts when Cat is taken from the home of her aunt and uncle, and later feels betrayed, after the mages discover that they have the wrong daughter and decide the only way to end a magical marriage is to kill her.

I don't come across  a book so well written that I look forward to reading it every night--and this was a large book. When I do enjoy a book this much, I call it my "Top Shelf".

If you love alternate history, Steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure with some (light) romance involving young adults, this is an excellent book to get your hands on. I'm looking forward to Elliott's second novel Cold Fire.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Edits on Vampire's Trill DONE!

Edits are done--WOOHOO! And I hope I can get some rest tonight, not thinking about the work. I can't stand for things to be unfinished, waiting for me to get back to it.

With December closing in, I realize that the first aniversary of Vampire Ascending is coming up. I had gotten notice last year that my copy of the book would be sent to me, and was sent on the third of December--oddly enough also on our wedding aniversary! Last year we were on our way for a 2-night get away in the cabins at White Pines. The book arrived the next week, and I was thrilled to see it. So was my husband. He snagged it and wouldn't let me touch it again as he sat in the evenings to read it, feeling pride in his wife, the writer as he did. He became my biggest fan, and supporter, especially when I had my book signing at Borders in January, talking to a lot of people about it, and selling a few copies for me with his spirited sales pitch.

Anyway, if all goes well, it looks as though this second book will come out right around this time as well. The eBook will be first, and the paperback will come out there after. And once it does I will do my best to get some sort of book signing at B&N.

And I'm about to make my rounds at the blogs with this, so, if you are interested in give-aways, I will be announcing these soon. I'm slated to be on Suburban Vampire on November 30th, but it might be too soon to have a give away then. I also will be on VampChix on December 5th. I
I will be on Heather McCorkle's blog also, but the date hasn't been worked out, as yet.

Anyone else out there who wishes to host me on their blog, please e-mail me (see my contact info).

With the new book coming out I decided that I needed to make a better place for fans of the series to come at facebook to leave messages, find out what is going on with my books, etc. So, this morning--in the wee hours--I got a new facebook page up for Fans of Vampire Ascending/Sabrina Strong Series. I've already invited a couple of people who have been strong supporters in the past, and they are already there making comments about the new book. Come join us if you're a fan, or simply want to check it out. You're more than welcome, as it is an open group!

I'm hopeful to make new friends and fans in the coming weeks and months!

Friday, November 25, 2011

WRITING Black Friday

I have a confession to make. Until a few years ago I never knew what "Black Friday" was. I really had no clue. I mean, after Thanksgiving, what do you do? Have left overs, sit around with family. Enjoy a day off from your regular work.


I now watch the news and shake my head, and laugh at how demented people are. I mean they all go out at midnight, try to park in parking lots that are already full, or they line up at the store they are scoping out for that one item they know will be on sale. Some numbskulls actually camp out at the store's door waiting for the moment they open the doors for the sales on Black Friday.


Because the store has an objective. They want to be in the "black" when this day is done. Yep. They want to bring YOU into their store and spend MONEY. How do they do this? Well, it has to be the biggest sale ploy ever. I'm sure some day this day will be on the calendar, like a regular holiday.

And everyone falls for this.

I guess I'm different. I really don't need anything THAT BAD! I don't want to go to a store and be crushed by people trying to get that same item I want or some other thing. I was told by one woman I work with that she goes to the store (Walmart), stands and holds her hand on the item until they release it. For how many hours, I don't know. But sounds like you have to be awake for this, I'm pretty sure I'll be asleep during these ridiculous sales. Okay, I didn't ask her this, but what if someone else is there ahead of her? What if other people are standing there, in her way? What if there aren't enough of these items to go around?

I know that this is something she wants to do, and enjoys the craziness of the whole crush of people piling into the store, being demented because the store has put something on sale just for a few hours or until they are out. They are doing this to you, making you get up at midnight--or in the case of Walmart, you can stand there and wait. . . and wait. . .  and wait FOR HOURS ON YOUR FEET JUST FOR ONE THING. WHAT?


I'm not a shopper. I don't like shopping. I do not like to be in a store where there's hundreds of people shopping turning into maniacs, fighting over something, willing to trample you, punch you, (or punch the elderly cart lady/man), just for one or two things they've decided they can't live without. I remember the Elmo craze, the Cabbage Patch craze. Hell, I even remember the rush on the day we (I once worked retail), got in "Beanie Babies" and they only sent about twenty of each one, trying to keep the demand up. People who looked like they didn't have any money buying these things thinking to turn a profit. I remember an elderly woman saying she was buying them for her grandchildren's college fund. Okay. Maybe if you just put the money away in something called a BANK might work a little better. Thank goddess that stupid craze is over.

What I think peeves me the most is that someone has power over us, making us do these ridiculous things and it's retail stores. And yesterday was the first time they began the "Black Friday" during Thanksgiving. Well the economy is that bad, I guess.

Oh, yes I know that they have to turn a profit, of course. But I'm not going to be party to this. I wait until Christmas is over and find whatever is deeply reduced and the stores are empty (of people) because everyone is now in debt after Christmas. That's my plan. It is not rocket science, I'll admit, but it works for me.

I guess I'm the type of person who hates it when someone dictates to me what to do and when to do it. I've never liked that. I like to be in more control and I'm not bowing down to greed by corporations just becasue they decide to reduce prices just to get me into their store to spend money.
So, "Black Friday" I've now renamed "Writing Black Friday". I am wearing black, but that is optional, of course. The object is clear. If you can stay at home, enjoy those turkey left-overs, get into your writing clothes, and write you will have joined me on the first annual "WRITING BLACK FRIDAY".

I'm currently going through my edits of Vampire's Trill -- YAY!!! Happy Dance! This means as soon as I get this done (by Monday, I hope), I will send it back to my editor, my publisher will get it ready for the eBook first and when that happens I will shout it from the roof tops. I'll begin the blog-rounds with my book.

I am also trying to get a short story done for Dark Moon Horror, an e-magazine. There was an open call for vampire short stories. Well, I figured why not? That was before I got the edits, but I am off until next Tuesday. I think I can get both things done, as I'm pretty good at multi-tasking.

So, if you are pretty well fed up with the idea of the retail Black Friday, why don't you join me in Black Writing Friday? Let me know in comments that's what you plan to do, or that you agree with me. If you don't, that's fine too. I thought I would give you a better option of not going out into the madness--that is if it isn't too late.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There is a lot to be grateful for. Our new kitchen is one, the new stove was also one of the things we've had to make sure to get before the weather turned cold, and that happened so that we can now cook w/o gas fumes and soot taking over the house! Last year we had to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving )^; but this year we are home and this will be wonderful!

I'm grateful for my husband, my friends--those I work with--and those of you who are out here in blog-sphere who are genuine and true.

I'll probably post something later on this week. I've got several projects I'm working in, including something for another anthology. Plus some things for a couple of friends, so I'm going to be busy next few days.

Anyway, this is my wish to all of you to have a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teaser Tuesday Vampire's Trill

Here is a little shopping experience for Sabrina. She gets more than the frozen pizza and ice cream she craves to get over her heartache. Is the tall, handsome Bill Gannon stalking her?

I returned to my shopping and angled straight for the frozen section. I mulled over the choices in the ice cream shelves. There were so many to choose from. Why does a person need so many kinds of ice cream, really? All we want is the sugar factor, the melt-in-your-mouth-I-need-to-get-over-him thing. I found mint chocolate chip—my personal favorite. But a Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey was calling my name. I grabbed that, plus a plastic spoon from the deli so I could plow into that as soon as I got out to my car. My mouth was already starting to water thinking about it.
My hand was freezing as I carried the ice cream to the pizza aisle. Again, a huge selection. I went with barbecue chicken, and grabbed a second one that had spinach and portabella mushrooms and five cheeses. Healthy. Right?
I balanced the pizzas on top of the large container of ice cream, sat the smaller pint on top of that and did a balancing act toward the milk section. Grabbing a half gallon carton using my pinky, I now had my hands full. The one carrying the ice cream was frozen by the time I went down the cereal aisle—I was sick of eggs and bacon, or eggs and ham for breakfast. I was gaining some weight and knew if I didn't quit eating like a sumo wrestler I would gain five pounds of winter fat before winter started.
Scanning the shelves filled with—again—a million choices of cereals, trying to find one that wouldn't give me gas, yet sounded like something I'd actually enjoy with cold milk in the morning. I opted for flakes, instead of granola. I was down to a blueberry crunch thing that boasted it could make me lose five pounds in two weeks—yeah, if that's all I ate—when I decided to switch hands because the one holding the ice cream was numb—even though I had my gloves on, the cold seeped through and began to numb my fingers. Wish I could numb my emotions like my hand.
I set the milk down on the floor, and had to shift everything frozen into my left hand. Spying the box of cereal I wanted on the very top shelf (naturally, the one I wanted would be out of reach), I went up on tip-toes and stretched my right hand. Fingertips touching the box, I tried to knock it over, to bring it within my grasp.
That's when another hand snagged it easily.
Startled, I gasped as I turned to the owner of the large, male hand. I stared into cool green eyes. As recognition hit me, I found myself unable to utter anything intelligent for a full twenty seconds while he brought the box down, placed it into his cart, and then took the frozen things out of my hand and put these things, plus the milk in a corner of his cart as well, while I was still trying to form monosyllables, like “hi”.
You do know that this store offers carts and baskets for the shopper's use for free, don't you?”
B-Bill?” I said, my mouth trying to work. It was as though I'd been holding the ice cream and pizza in my mouth instead. It took me a second or two to get his joke, and I found myself smiling. “Yeah, I-I, um, I didn't think about getting one.” Lame, Sabrina. Lame.
He stood there staring back at me. “By the way, you're welcome.”
Oh,” I looked down and saw all my things were in the cart with his stuff. He had a rotisserie chicken, some frozen vegetables, a container of salt—kosher, I noticed—bag of sugar and flour and some chocolate chip morsels. I was still suffering from a brain-to-mouth malfunction. “Uh, thanks.”
Are you alright?”
Sure. I'm fine.” Will be after I snarf down the Chunky Monkey.
You sure?”
Yes.” Didn't I seem sure? Maybe it was my hair, and unflattering jeans. Oh, and the damned sunglasses.
I caught him gleaming, unblinking at me. He had the nerve to stand there and steal my breath away. The nerve. Plus, he was the antitheses to me; hair laying perfectly back from that highbrow; god-like, close-shaven face; pants pressed to a razor's edge, and his sweater was brown, fading to ecru at the bottom. I thought I picked up that Mrs. Bench had knitted it for him.
Are you ready to check out?” he asked. My feet seemed stuck in cement as I watched him push his cart around me and avoided a head-on with a lady on her cell phone.
Uh, yeah.” I dodged the woman on her cell phone talking to her husband—he wanted some cereal, but he couldn't remember what kind—God, get a life!
Banana Nut Oats,” I said to her. She glared at me. I smiled sinisterly as I heard the man's voice over her phone say exactly that.

Chickens lay eggs, and so do Turtles

For those of you who don't know my husband is park ranger and one of his main jobs is mowing. He has a large deck (72") Toro Zero T...