Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ "I'm not a sanguine"

Hello, my pretties. This is Teaser Tuesday. As some of you know the idea is to take your present read and open to a random page. I, however, have been giving you teases from my own books for you to enjoy and become excited about. I've given you several from my first and then second book. Well I thought today I'd give you something from the third book, as I've been working on that and I'm sure at some point this year it will be out. So... I hope you can wait for it.

This is from "Beyond the Black Veil" chapter one:

Eyes open, I tried to simply see my hand in front of my face—it was that dark. My fear was jacked up because I thought I'd been pulled into Dark World, where vampires and demons ruled. If so I was in a big load of trouble, because I'd been told that there was a bounty on my head because of what I had done over a week ago, while there. The Council must have been really pissed at me if they'd put a bounty on my head. But I couldn't blame them because I did hack off the twin tails of a demon-vampire, and killed a pet demon. But I had no choice—it attacked Tremayne, Rick and I. Besides, it was damn ugly.
My eyes adjusted to the diminished light as varying degrees of shadow against lighter areas began to emerge. I knew for certain I was inside some domicile, and not outside. I tried to use my clairvoyant abilities to tell me where exactly I was, but I had trouble working through the power that surrounded me. The source of light, whether it was moonlight, or candlelight, took me a handful of seconds to ascertain. I decided it was moonlight, since its source didn't waver or undulate like that of a flame, and seemed to pour in from a window.
I was very certain that someone was there with me in this dark place. A male presence. I just hoped he was human. I reached out and was able to feel his emotions. Oops. He was very human if he was that excited.
Who's there?” I asked into the darkness and heard my voice echo slightly. The room was nearly devoid of furnishings, as far as I could tell, but with my clairvoyant abilities I knew the room was some sort of bedroom, because there was definitely a bed in here. My abilities also affirmed that I was no longer on Earth, but in another realm. It had another feel to it, a texture that only my senses could ascertain. Where I was precisely, was still unclear, except I knew I wasn't on earth. It simply had some other texture and scent to it that seemed different.
Show yourself.” My demand was edgy, overly filled with the sound of distress. I hated my insecurities. I simply couldn't get the bitchy, ass-kicking thing down. My voice gave me away every time. I caught myself twisting the ends of my gloves—another give away that I was nervous or fearful.
I detected the slightest rustling of material with my sensitive werewolf hearing. Possibly twenty feet away. Where the moonlight angled in through the only window in the next room I could see a figure. I realized I stood in a separate room—a small space, no larger than a closet—my back against the wall. In fact it might have been a closet for all I knew. I rocked away from wall. The shadow sat in the darkest shadows, at the other end of the next room. I felt no threat from him. Not yet.
The seated figure shifted forward, and the moonlight revealed him gradually as he did. Pale hands draped over the back of the dark stained wood of the chair, then a face emerged from the darkness as he leaned further into the pale moonlight. He was handsome to good-looking, but nothing remarkable. Raven black hair, with a swath of blond—no, white—cut a stripe down one side of that coal black hair. I couldn't tell how old he was precisely. Possibly well into his twenties.
Don't be frightened,” he said in a moderate, to somewhat tenor voice. “I'm not a sanguine.”

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ A Gripe

Well, my husband and I have been trying to keep high fructose corn syrup out of our diets as best we can, and when we find a product that has taken it out, we buy it.

We've always bought Miracle Whip, but when we realized they had taken high fructose corn syrup out of it we were very happy. They didn't brag about it on the label, like Hunts did on their catchup... but that was okay.

And then, then, just this weekend, my husband had the Miracle Whip out and read the ingredients and learned that they'd put it back in. Or was this an old jar that they've peddled off? We didn't know. The label was the same 'New Look'.

This sort of crap just bothers me. These companies who try to pull a fast one on you like this, if this was a deliberate way to get sales ("Hey, I know, let's discretely take the high fructose corny syrup out of the mayo, and don't announce it and see if anyone notices. And then when they're buying it again, we put it back in.") I find it low handed.

Okay, your turn. What ticks you off?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In my search for a car for Tremayne...

I found this: 2012 Super Snake Shelby Cobra. 800 horse power, 590 pound-feet of torque. Yes, I think if Tremayne needed to get away fast, he'd have this. And could afford the $100,000 as well for it.

Be still my beating heart!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interview with Heaven Liegh Eldeen on her Young Adult Blog Hop Giveaway

I've been fortunate enough to get invited to another blog. This one belongs to a new friend of mine, Heaven Liegh Eldeen. She's given me an interview and there is a giveaway for an ebook for Vampire's Trill.

If you'd like to stop by to check it out click the LINK

Thank you, Heaven!

Have a good weekend guys!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sabrina Strong's Character to be played by...

Danica Patrick in poster

You know how it is... you've written a book and you're so into the characters and you think "God, this could make a great movie!" So then you begin wondering who would play your main characters. It's normal for authors of fiction to do this. I'm certain I'm not the only one out there who does this.
So, yeah. I've thought about it. Some. Tried to find someone to play my 7 foot Viking vampire. Haven't found him yet.
My husband has come up with someone to play Sabrina Strong, the clairvoyant and main character.
Yep. She's a local girl. From Rosco, Illinois. Danica Patric race car driver. She's been doing adds for "Go Daddy.com" and my husband has chosen her as the lady to play Sabrina Strong. I definitely trust my husband's instincts on this one. She'd be a box office draw. People would come to this movie if she was in it.

Well, look at her. I mean really. She's beautiful! She's a real woman, and she's down to earth like Sabrina. She could act in the off season of her NASCAR, or whatever she plans to do.

Well, after 4-5 glasses of white zin and my famous fried chicken, I couldn't help myself and you'll excuse me now as I weave through some lines of the next book--whichever it was...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday ~ Sabrina's Shifter

 Sabrina has her hands full when the Nephilistic Bill Gannon comes calling and Dante is not quite himself.

“Good morning. A beautiful day,” he said, pulling the sunglasses off to give me the full measure of those emerald-green eyes. “Thought I would come by and ask if you'd like to go have coffee with me?”
“I. Ah. Um.” I glanced down at Dante and, itching my scalp, replied, “I've already had coffee.” I winced apologetically. My fingers went to my gloves to twist the ends. They weren't there. I began twisting my fingers some. If Bill knew me better, he would know I was lying my head off. Besides, the coffee maker chose this moment to make a hiss.
“How about breakfast then?”
Dante growled. My glance went again to the black Lab standing between us, staring at Bill. The hair on his neck was up. Oh, crap.
“I see you've brought your shifter home,” Bill's voice had a cool edge to it. “Why is he a dog?”
Why was everyone calling Dante my shifter?
“Well, first of all, how did you know?”
“How? Those eyes. They're gray, like Dante’s,” he said. “How long has he been like this?”
“Oh, overnight. He was a rat for a while, then a bunny.”
“Must make for interesting conversation.”
Dante growled some more and edged a bit closer, threateningly.
“Now, be good, Dante,” Bill said. “I'm not here to hurt anyone. Go lay down. That's a good boy.”
Amazingly, Dante did exactly that, giving a little whine as he padded into the living room, circled the rug and lay down with his head between his paws, large gray eyes watching us.
I turned back to Bill, feeling both a bit impressed by his ability to command Dante — and frightened that he could.
“How did you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Make him go lay down?”
He shrugged. “A gift. I've always been good with animals and lower beings.”
I frowned at that. Like shifters? Or like vampires who commanded lower beings? This was plain old spooking me out.
Dante growled.
“He doesn't like you,” I pointed out.
“That's alright. It doesn't matter if Dante likes me or not. What does matter is if you like me.
I paused because it appeared that he was waiting for a definite answer from me.
“The jury is out on that one,” I said finally.
“As long as it isn't a hung jury, I've got a chance. And I like my chances.”
I scrunched my nose up. “Maybe.” I was going with indecisive.
“Perhaps I need to plead my case further?”
I squinted at him suspiciously. “You sound like a lawyer.”
“I am.”
My brows flicked at this. “Prosecution or defense?” I fired back.
“Actually, I'm a lawsuit lawyer.”
My lips crimped into a tight smile, unable to help myself. “How old are you?”
“I'm forty-two on the sixth of December.”
My mouth dropped at that.
He chuckled at my shock. “I'll turn twenty-eight in December.”
“Oh,” I gave a gasp of relief. Why did I care if he were twenty-something, or forty-something?
“Look, Sabrina, all I'm asking is to get to know you a little better, and I'll tell you about myself.”
“You're asking me out?”
“Yes. As far as I know, there isn't a law against asking a woman out on a date in the state of Illinois. Or, is there?”
Now I had to chuckle. He was charming and good-looking. Damn him. I stared at the dimple on his chin. I've never met a man with a cleft chin before. He looked as if he stepped off the cover of a magazine. You just don't see anyone walking around looking so damned handsome — as though they had cornered the market on it or something.
“No,” I said on a sigh. “But, I'm—ah—” I glanced over at Dante who was watching the whole exchange. “I'm sort of involved.”
“With Dante?” he asked, sounding disbelieving.
“Um—uh—not exactly.”
“You're hedging, Ms. Strong,” he reminded in his most edgy lawyer voice, drilling me with his gaze to deepen my guilt. Sheesh!
“Look, I can't tell you who, but I'm actually seeing someone right now.”
“Fine,” he said, a smile tilting his lips. “I don't give up very easily, Ms. Strong.” He moved toward the door. “The jury may be out, but the prosecution has not rested on this one.” He opened the door. “Have a fine day,” and he was gone.
Dropping my head, I leaned against the chair I hadn't realized I had a hold of, and let out a big sigh of relief.
Dante padded over to me, tail wagging, a little whine escaped him.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Coffee Klatch Monday!

I'd like to pounce on that delectable right now!

Well, how are you all?

Yes, yes. I know. Monday again.

How many of you are working on one or two WIP?

Uhuh, I see a number of hands. Good. I feel like I'm not alone. At the moment of this writing I'm working on two. But I'm trying to concentrate on just one at a time. But that's hard when a new one starts up in my head. Just need to get it out so that I can work on the one that is prominent.

What POV do you prefer to write in? Third person, first person? And do you ever mix them within the same story?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vampire Ascending featured in Kings River Life Magazine

Every once in a while your karma comes back and brings you good stuff too.

After my first book, Vampire Ascending came out, I went to work on promoting it. Didn't know what the heck I was doing. But along the way I met a lot of great folks, some of them happen to be other writers. One is James Garcia Jr. We did a book swap. I read his book and enjoyed it, and he read mine and enjoyed it. We gave each other's books reviews at our respective blogs.

Well, you'd figure that would be the end of it.

No. You see, James--his friends call him Jimmy--has a couple of jobs. One is working for a virtual magazine called Kings River Life Magazine. Well a couple of weeks ago Jimmy contacted me and told me he planned on writing up an article about various books he read over the last year that impressed him, and wanted some information from me about my book and myself, etc. I was very excited about this, and got all my info up-dated and sent it off to him.

Well, the article just went live about an hour ago. Here is the link:http://kingsriverlife.com/01/21/the-new-wave-in-publishing/

Four other books are featured as well, and there is a GIVE AWAY, so if you're interested in reading the article there you go. You can check out Jimmy's other reading picks while there as well.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The latest Barnabas Collins/Johnny Depp pic

Had to share this as soon as I saw this. Yep. That's Johnny doing Banabas. Lovely long fingernails, hmmm?

I can't wait to see this movie. I'm hopeful it's out when I've got time off.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Having trouble...

I'm still having problem coming to certain sites. Last night I went to Heather McCorkle's blog, read it and was waiting for things to settle when it went all blank.

Obviously blogger is redoing things. I could see that the comments at Heather's blog had a tiered look to it. When this all straightens out I'm hoping I can finally go to blogs to make comments. Until then, I'm only able to go to certain ones and even make comments.

I've changed my comment settings, as some of you might have already noticed. I went into settings to change "comments" and now you will get a pop up window. I had to do that because I couldn't even comment on my own blog. I finally saw how I was able to comment on other people's blogs, and changed mine.

Why is it we have to change things constantly? Eventually I won't even be able to do anything here.

I'm going to post about my up-coming book signing when time allows. I'll post some pictures of my past book signings. A few years ago I didn't think it would be possible to even have a book out, let alone a book signing. And I've managed to get a book signing with a book store which is notoriously tough to get one. So, I'm going to tread the waters carefully here.

I'll post this over the weekend, since my time during the week has been so short in the evenings now that I'm back to a regular schedule. Plus, we are about to get a snow event. I've heard some predicting a foot, others are backing off because this thing has not even reached the coast yet. So even talking about how many inches of snow we will get by using computer models, is I think rather stupid at this point.

Now, I'm off to make my lunch.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Coffee Klatch Monday - Down the Toilet

Hello to all my lovelies out there!

This week begins my back to my regular work and hours--finally no more night driving. And winter has finally come to our area, and will bring us all sorts of crap our way through the week--so, it's all going to go into the crapper from here. Right? I, along with my fellow transit drivers at NIU, will have to avoid the bad drivers, but also the 28,000 students who walk to class, see a bus and have this inexplicable need to walk out in front of us. Fun times.

Anyway, I may not have time to do many posts, but when I do I'll plop something interesting down here.

As of yesterday, I was still having problems with either making comments or bringing in people's blogs (Shelly Arkon and James Garcia Jr.'s blogs are among those I can't even see!) so hopefully any of you who can comment here, do so, so I know you're still out there and still love me. (^;

Thank you to those who are new followers--also I can't see who is following me, so if you're new, please leave a comment so  I know who you are, otherwise I can't visit you--and until this other thing clears up I won't be able to comment either. We may have to resort to facebook--which isn't a bad idea. At least that's working for me.

Have a great week and see you around!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waiting on my Cruise Ship to come in...and other fun stuff

I think it was last weekend, we got tickets for a free cruise. Yep. Got tickets for that and air fare.
Nope. Not going to take it. Why? Well, you need money on these things. Plus, the time away from a job to do this. Not only that we'll be cooped up on a ship with thousands of people... I really don't like to be cooped up with people all that much. I get to haul them around in my day-time job. The last thing I want to do is be cooped up with a bunch of them on the ocean. And just this morning one of them tipped over. It came too close to shore somewhere in Italy. I really don't want to fly and I really don't want to be on a cruise ship. We actually like to camp. So, I guess I'm waiting to make enough money and take a 5th wheel down the road.

I got my Publisher's Clearing House in the mail the other day. I was just working on that today. Not that I'd win that. (Yeah, my initials are definitely winners. RIGHT! How many people have the initials LB?) Besides, what the hell would I do with a million dollars a year FOR EVER? I'll take a million dollars, but this is like over-kill. This is worse than the guy who won a million dollars in the lottery, played again and won another million... Uh, why would someone play again if they won?!? C'mon, jerk, let someone else win, okay?

Well, I don't play that either. Not worth it. I can loose a stamp once in a while to PCH, but not a dollar a week for Lotto. The way my luck runs I'll loose more than I'd win.

I sent something in for a contest by Dark Moon Digest, and only after I did, I found out it wasn't what they wanted. *rolling my eyes* I couldn't find the rules where I went to, and then roaming around, I hit on something and found out what they wanted in more detail. They allow multiple entries, so I'll think about doing it RIGHT for a change and send something to them. I'm not very good at contests either. I won't even place.

I've got a few things to announce in the up-coming weeks. I have a busy February coming up--which is good, right? I will be interviewed on a couple of blogs--those are just a few of my things coming up...

Also, my very good writing friend, James Garcia Jr., is doing a article for his magazine featuring several authors who he has read their books over the last year, and I was among them. This may be coming up in a week or so.

I HAVE A BOOK SIGNING! YAY!  For the 25th of Feb., at Barns & Noble.

I've joined the "Bloody Hearts Blog Hop", this year. I'm not crazy about their badge. I guess it's the horrific thing here, but really I had a choice between the candy hearts filled with maggots, or the one with a skeletal hand holding a heart. I can pretend the maggots are...rice or maybe coconut filling. Sheesh! That will be going on from February 13-15th. I will be having a give away.

I am working away at my third novel. I'm doing edits and re-writes. Possibly it is in an eigth draft.

And Blogspot, for some reason is acting up again. I can't go to my comments--the page blanks out. Same thing for some of your blogs, my friends, so if you wonder where I've been--I've tried to come to your blogs, I might have even gotten them in and then they went to white. Sorry. Hopefully this is a temporary thing. I can't even make comments on MY OWN blog! So, again, we'll have to put up with this one agrivation.

And now that winter break at NIU is over, we will be getting back to work--and having more money (and pay off the credit card which has been used mainly for food and gas) If we made the pay that most transit drivers made, we'd be doing great. But at $11/hour that isn't much. Especially for a world-wide company that can pay us $16/hr.(and does for its other properties--notice I didn't mention their name here).

Oh, don't mind my bitching. I need to rant once in a great while here. At we're getting back to our normal hours, and I've got a book signing--even if I do have to tell everyone to pre-order their books. Hopefully they won't mind doing this. They merely have to remember to do this!

Hope your weekend is going well. I've got to drive Sunday morning--and that is why I have scheduled this post to go up then. Hope things are going well with you all. Make a comment if you want.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


This was easy enough!
CONGRATULATIONS ASH KRAFTON! Please send me your contact information to loreleibell4(at)gmail(dot)com so that I can get your ebook to you! Thank you for participating in my give away!

Friday, January 13, 2012

FRIDAY 13 ~ e-Book give away!


eBook give away for Vampire's Trill! One lucky commenter will get the prize!

I'm crossing my fingers here because I don't know what's going on with blogspot right now. If this post doesn't work, or for some reason people can't leave comments, e-mail me instead at loreleibell4@gmail.com IF you should have trouble leaving a comment. I will check my email at end of day for your comment, just mention Friday the 13th Give Away in your email.

In case I get more than one comment, I will choose by random.org

Winners will be announced Saturday in the PM. Here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Judging Books By The Cover

You're at the grocery store and there's a small stack of paperbacks and magazines in the coffee aisle, and you just can't help yourself but look at all the nice covers. Some authors you may know and maybe you've also read one or two of these. But a few might stand out and you wonder... "Should I get this one?"

Then one cover blasts you. There's a cool chick on the front cover holding a gun and she looks like she could kick ass. Maybe that's your style of reading. But here we have Kim Harrison's novel. I happen to be a fan of hers, and I know that Kim's main character, Rachel Morgan is a witch and she has some pretty cool friends including a fairy and a "living" vampire, and her character is wonderfully flawed.
Let us move to a very different front cover. This one has a half-dressed man and woman and we can see that he looks like he's about to take a bite out of this hapless woman and maybe do some other nasty things to her and we would love to see how that works out, wouldn't we?
Sure we would.
I happened to read this one, after winning it from a contest. It turned out that Jeannine Frost is very good at writing paranormal romance. P.R. doesn't happen to be my cup of tea for reading, but the story was gripping enough that I felt satisfied at the end, the writing was superior to most writers of this genre.

This novel I saw on some site, offering to win it. I didn't win it, but after investigating it I thought it sounded really good, so I ordered it and read it. I thought it was a very good YA novel by Anne Spollen. This was one of those novel where the story was credible, I wasn't stuck in some school with the youth for very long, because the actual story didn't take place in school, but outside of it. The writing was smooth, wonderfully paced. I didn't skip a word. When writing is prose this good, you can't skip it because your mind is absorbing these wonderful images.  And when you look at the cover of "Light Beneath Ferns" you get a little glimpse of what the book might be about, but not totally. The main character reminded me of myself when I was her age--only not quite like her, but I had curiosity brimming as most teenagers do. But, the cover doesn't lead you astray too much. Pretty? Yes, it is a nice cover.

This cover is typical of most paranormal romances where you find a half naked man and woman together. There's no denying you think this looks like it would be good. And as far as covers go like this, these are a dime a dozen. It really tells you very little about what you might find inside. Again, I do not buy paranormal romances (I'm not a fan of romance books in general, but I've given a few a chance). This one was a free-bee. And it was disappointing. I couldn't get much past the first chapter.

The writing was rife with a lot of adverbs and adjectives. The lure of the story moves me to the end of the chapter where I see two paragraphs where the writer has used the word "violently". One line went, "he shrugged away violently from her touch..." I thought that "jerked away" would have been a better word choice (I get an image of him slapping her in my hand away, but he didn't). When I began the next chapter I wanted to get into the scene, but I just simply couldn't. I grappled with the next paragraphs and then the next pages trying to get past over-used words like "quickly" (3 times in one page). We'll just sum it up that the writing was less than stellar, or even well-done. Being that it was published by a big house, you would think this would have had a panel of editors going through it, striking out a lot of the over-used words like "quickly", and making better suggestions. I felt the writing simply gets in the way of the story. I'm seeing the author trying very hard to sound like a romance writer--maybe in the 70's and 80's. Thank goodness I didn't buy this one.

I like book covers with faces. Nothing gets your attention better (except for the half-dressed man) on a cover than someone looking out at you. It's like someone looking at you in a crowd. It does grab you. "Sunlight" by Jamie Wasserman was a great read. "Cold Magic" by Kate Elliott was one of those thick books that you can wrap yourself around (at least for me) for several weeks just before bedtime and want to get her next book. It's on my TBR list.
And they are beautiful covers, but you have no idea what might be within. Many people read the back covers and learn what the story is about. If that passes mustard, then you may open the book up and see if the first page pulls you in. If it does, then, I think you'll be happy to pay for the read.
There are a lot of great covers out there... and you really can't just look at a cover and figure out that the book is going to be good. Could you judge a book's worth by looking at the cover?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dragon Monday Coffee Klatch

Unfortunately all good things come to an end.
I go back to work today (but it would be good to make money again!) I've been very busy, in as far as my writing goals and working on getting my newest book out there so that people know about it. I almost feel like a carny shouting at the passers by trying to get them to throw a hoop over a milk bottle.

Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I tweet, and belong to several writing groups on facebook. I'm not sure if anyone even notices my book at all the way others post on these sites.

I've been working through the third book in the Sabrina Strong Series--so you guys will just have to wait until I'm ready to turn it over to my publisher, and then they do their thing. Getting a good book out there is important. I don't think you want me to give you something that is below the standards of writing you expect from me. And I'm really excited about this next book, too. I'll be talking about it more in the coming months.

I've also begun a mystery novel, as those of you who stop by my blog must know by now. It's nice to have someone on the inside to tell me somethings I didn't know. My nephew has been with the sheriff's police for a few decades now. He's been helpful. I've always wanted to try writing a mystery, and finally I think the time has come.

But writing two different novels, plus having a fourth in the series in a first draft PLUS ideas for the 5th one swirling around in my head... my time will now be limited on what I can do and when. My blogs may also become fewer as well.

So, as I write this--actually it is the night before--I go back to my job knowing I've accomplished quite a bit over a two-week period.

Have you accomplished some goals lately?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Sample from Book Three - keeping up the susupense in scene

 Hello everyone, how is your Saturday going? Mine is going well. The sun is out bright and it is still way above normal temperatures.

Yesterday I spoke about milking a scene, and suspense can really come at any moment in your book. It can even come during a moment where one character is persuing another for their affections. There need not be that  much danger in the scene. But the consequences might be something to consider for your MC.

Thus, since I'm working on Beyond the Black Veil, and came across such a scene, I thought I would share it. Here Sabrina is cornered by a delicious guy (naturally). His name is Drachen, and he's a young vampire, and she can't dare let him bite her. She realizes too late that her gloves are on, and even though his powers are not very strong, he is hard to resist.

Let's see how this scene plays out. Watch how I've used the 4 basic principals in this scene: ACTION, THOUGHTS,DIALOGUE, DESCRIPTION.

I stared at him for a moment, utterly astounded by the story. Finally coming out of my daze, wondering fitfully if Drachen hadn't somehow mesmerized me—which was silly, but then I realized my gloves were still on from dinner. My ring would be of no use to me covered in the company of a vampire. I realized he was trying to thrall me.
I blinked, glanced away from his eyes. My actions seemed to break his spell. “That is as wild a story as I've ever heard. But believable,” I said. “Thank you for clearing that up.”
He leaned in a little closer, the fingers of his other hand came up to graze my face, and I ducked away from it and in one smooth move I stood behind him. He spun around, slightly amazed that I'd moved so quickly—me too—but the chase seemed to delight him because he smiled wide, the rim of white teeth just peeking below his luscious lips.
Thing is, I can't read a vampire,” I said, trying to change the subject.
Neither can I,” he admitted. “No matter what. I could never read father's mind.”
So, you are telepathic?” I guessed.
Yes,” he said, one brow arched as his eyes glittered from the hurricane lanterns stationed on a sideboard nearby. “But you knew that.”
I guessed.”
I know what you want, Sabrina.”
Oh crapola.
He advanced on me. It somehow didn't surprise me that all Drakulya males seemed to be very aggressive and sexually assertive. I knew if I wanted to, I'd be in bed with Drachen in two minutes flat, but I saw in a flash that he would bite me. I couldn't let him do that. Besides, with the creature wanting to come out of me, I might... hurt him. I didn't want to hurt Drachen. He seemed so thin and frail, unlike his huskier cousin/nephew, Jett. I knew that I would most likely bite back and already I felt the claws forming at the tips of my fingers, ripping holes through the fingertips of the gloves I wore. I felt slightly panicked. The last time this happened with a vampire in my room, I had attacked him. But then, it was Lief—and he'd deserved it.
The thought of Jett touching me earlier sizzled through me. Eyes slipping shut, a sudden exhalation escaped me with the very longing for Jett taking me on that couch, earlier. The episode whirled in my head, making me crazy, until I backed into a solid object—the door to Ali's bedroom—snapping my eyes wide to find Drachen in front of me again, hands clutching the door's frame on either side of my shoulders. Fantastic.
Drachen, who was four or five inches taller than me, caged me with his arms, which didn't at all feel frail. Intent on thralling me completely, his head ducked low to bring his lips closer to mine, I turned my head to avoid his lips, but that turned out to be a stupid move, because now his delicious lips were on my neck. Remaining absolutely still, I swallowed, feeling my heart thrum through my veins, and I was certain his sensitive lips detected that wonderful beat just there at the opening of his mouth. His tongue slithered out and wetly teased my skin there. A thrill went through me, and, yes, my lower regions came to attention.
What I wouldn't give to taste you, Sabrina,” he said low, his breath feathering along my neck. I glanced up at him as his head moved back slightly. Lips parted somewhat dramatically and I watched with morbid fascination the fangs actually grow, and inch down from his jaw. Drachen was less human than he'd pretended. His secret was revealed. Oh, crap.
So, you're more vampire than the others even know,” I accused, feeling as though my heart was about to hammer its way out of my chest. I had not allowed myself to get into such a situation in a while, and these confrontations with vampires scared the crap out of me.
The Dagger of Delphi was eager to do a job it was meant to do, as it nearly slapped the side of my thigh, and I became aware that I might now have a bruise for the beating it was giving me. I had to hold it down against my thigh, wondering fitfully, how everyone would react to Drachen's being a vampire with a dagger stuck in his chest. My dagger.
Mmm, keep it a secret? Just between me and you?” His face moved in again.
I thrust my hands against his flat chest, and saw that the claws had bitten through the material of my gloves. Oops. Drachen looked down to see what had become of my gloved fingertips.
As Joha might say: This is an interesting development.” His smile grew, and those fangs turned what would have been a melting smile into something more sinister.
Looks like the wolf is wanting to come out tonight.” I tapped my claws on his chest, feeling the collar bone thump as I did.
Looks like it,” he said, eyes shifting up to engage my gaze. “You're not quite everything you've been telling us. Werewolf?”
Not fully,” I said. “And you might as well quit trying to pretend you're not at least ninety percent vampire.”
He smirked, then chuckled low. “How would you like to become my consort?”
I pushed him a little more, showing him my strength. “No, Drachen.”
My room. Come and check it for Dreadfuls?” he suggested, thick brows wiggled.
Nice try. There are no more Dreadfuls in this house,” I said, reading the leering look on his face. Vampire males were very possessive. Once a vampire had marked you, you were his, no matter who said different. Since I was already marked by Vasyl, Drachen was the last vampire I would let sink his teeth into me, in this, or any other world.
I'm turning in,” I said on a yawn as I moved my hand behind my back and opened Ali's door, then eased backward into the room. “Good night Drachen.”
Unable to hold his serious mien, he broke out into a husky chuckle. “You're sure you wouldn't like to join me in mine?” he asked, not moving from the doorway.
No,” I said slowly shutting the door on him.
Good night, Sabrina,” he said. “Sweet dreams.”
G'night,” I said as I closed the door. Turning around, I plunged inside the darker room.
Sabrina?” A soft knock on my door made me twirl. I opened it a few inches and peeked out. A flaming candelabra held in his hand made me blink and pull back a little. Shadows produced by the candlelight shifted and jumped across his face giving it more allure than before.
Oh!” My gaze shifted from his face in amber candlelight to the candelabra.
You may need this. It's pretty dark in there.”
Right.” I noted that the candelabra was made of gold. How good of Drakulya to make sure no silver would come into contact with anyone who may be a vampire—or a werewolf.
Thanks,” I said as I took it from him.
You are most welcome.”
His eyes were like a molten gold in this light. “I'm just down from you, remember. If you need anything.” Then he caught himself. “But you knew that.”
I smiled and closed the door, I felt less than comforted; I couldn't find a key in the key hole to lock it. Strange as that was, I wasn't too upset about it. I placed the candelabra on the mantle and found the fire was down to coals. Finding the wood pile, I moved the screen away from the fireplace and fed the coals more of the quartered logs. In a moment the fire licked at the dry split wood and flames danced along the wood. After replacing the screen, I warmed my hands while kneeling before it. My eyes went to the tips of my claws which had ripped through the ends of my gloves. Rolling my eyes, I pulled them off. It would seem that I was stuck in this in-between stage of my were-creature. I would not go any further, apparently. I wondered if tonight was the full moon, rather than last night, when I'd thought it was.
Not certain what to do, as if I could do anything about it—I took in my surroundings.
© 2012 Lorelei Bell

Friday, January 6, 2012

Suspenseful WRITING Friday!

What a beautiful day! We are going to see 50's today in northern Illinois. We do not normally see 50 degrees on the 6th of January. Usually it's about 70 degrees lower--like -20! You can't bundle up in enough clothes to stay warm, and your nostril hairs become ice sickles.

What I want to address today is SUSPENSE. How does one create suspense in their scenes? It matters not what genre you write in, even in you're writing a romance, or a fantasy, you will come to scenes where you want to inject it with a little more drama and suspense. The masters are out there. Koontz is my very favorite author who has mastered the suspense genre, and if you have not gone outside your comfort zone of reading in order to learn this very crucial technique for your novel, or short story I suggest you pick up one in suspense genre. I highly recommend any Dean Koontz novel, but whoever the author you like in such a genre, do your homework and see how they do it. I'm about to tell you.

As writers we have to learn how to not only pace our books so that we don't arrive at the climax too soon, but when we need to draw our tension and hold the reader to the point where they just can't stand it any longer, you need to have the tools and knowledge to do this, and I'm gonna tell you how, since I've gotten it from authors who use this technique.

Scenario: you have the murderer in the house, or the villain is chasing the heroine. Or your vampire is going to do something to an innocent person. You need to know how to pace out that particular scene in order to hold your audience for the moment of truth--does this character get away? She's about to die a terrible death--how is she going to get out of this?

Drawing the moment out takes practice, and no matter how brilliantly your character gets out of her binds, does something to get away, or clobbers the villain, if you place that too soon and move on, you will not have gained anything. Your readers will go "okay" and maybe they'll keep reading but not feeling any emotions at all.

So, I'm going to reveal to you the PATTERN which which to write your scene. Listen up 'coz I'm not going to repeat myself.

In other words, you have the action of the scene--running, a chase, some sort of action which ends with the main character trapped.

Then, you will dip into your main character's thoughts, what they are thinking: The stairway is too far away, and the sliding door to the deck is locked, it would take her five precious seconds just to unlock it and he was right around the corner... she could hear him breathing. If she moved from her hiding spot he would see her for sure...

Dialogue can come whenever appropriate. What you want to do is mix these 4 things up. Possibly when the villain has the heroine in his grips and there's dialogue, or, maybe at the onset of the chase.

"You never answered my calls, Marry Ann. I don't like when someone never returns my calls. That's very upsetting."
"I-I was going to call you, really!"
"Riiiight. That's what they all say. Too bad you had to turn out to be such a bitch."

Well, this isn't stellar, but you get the idea. You then mix it up. Sprinkle in descriptions wherever possible to intensify the scene. What your character hears (a door or floorboard creaking), sees (shadows against the walls), tastes(blood?), smells (his cologne, sweat, a musty basement).

Keep on going through all 4 of these points until you have a page or two of good suspense. If you are doing this for your climax, you need to have enough for a whole chapter. Don't let up, make your hero suffer to the point of no return, make it seem like an impossible dilemma, and then at the moment when it seems she or he will die, or be bitten, or the most horrifying moment you can put your hero in (my second book has a very horrifying moment for Sabrina to get out of), you pull her out of the fire with your great moment that you have figured out and no one will have guessed that someone was there the whole time to come and save her, that some other thing your hero could use against the villain--whatever it is.

Dean Koontz, in the early part of his novel, Whispers, uses up 17 pages to describe the attempted rape of the lead character. That is what I would have to call a master if you can pull a reader through that much suspense and hold them to the very end of it.

The whole idea of creating a suspenseful moment in your book is to draw out the tension as best you can. Make your reader be there with your hero, taste, see, smell, etc. what the character does. If you are too excited to bring this to a close only to show readers how brilliant your idea is for your hero to escape, then your reader will not take notice. It will just have been a short scene where your hero really didn't seem to be in that much danger to begin with.

Now, go, my pretties, take with you these four secrets of writing suspense... and write your butts off!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Mystery WIP & My New Header

I've changed my banner, as you all can see. There are adjustments to be made and they will come along. How do you like the changes  to Lorelei's Muse so far? I must thank my very good friend John Roach ,who shares the interest of all things vampires (big and small? Bad & Bold?) with me and has an expertise I would not be able to replicate.

At any rate I felt it was time to get something which reflected my books in some way, and I believe this will do it.

Now, I've promised any of you who needed a little help with certain details with handguns, if you were not familiar with them. At some point, no matter what genre you write, you may need to know about guns. How to hold them and how NOT to hold them. Certain other details about them can be found on this link at Make Mine Mystery There are quite a number of things covered here. However, if you can get in touch with someone who handles guns, or sells them, it would be a good idea should you need more on a particular gun.

I have a nephew in law enforcement, he is now a Civil Process Deputy, and so I've got someone I can squeeze information from get certain information from. He tells me (just got a quick email from him) that the  police are given a choice of weapons. His weapon of choice is a .40 caliber Baretta semi automatic. Hmm, I like that for my Jansen Crosse. Somehow being slightly different might help distance me slightly from other writers who simply go with the flow and always place a Sig Saur, or sometimes a Glock, in the hands of their detective. In his quick email he told me that police ammo was different from civil in that the slug flattens out--I'll have to remember that--and I think he said it stays in the body. Eeeesh!

I would like to thank also, Lydia Kang of The Word Is My Oyster has "Medical Mondays" where she will answer your medical-related questions--as long as they are for your fiction (she has a disclaimer on her sideboard), and has sent me some wonderfully--and perhaps morbid links on such things as Rigor Mortis and Lividity, and some cool stuff on gunshot wounds. (If anyone needs such things email me, and I'd be happy to send you the links.)

Why would I be interested in all this, you might ask. Yes. You might ask that, indeed... I've begun writing a mystery. I announced this a little while ago, and spoke of it on Monday, and Lydia was more than happy to help me out when I asked her a few questions over on her blog on Monday.

I've got some other things to say about my delving into my newest WIP mystery which is a police procedural, and although it is slightly different, it will adhere to the way one is written (in other words I won't have to write a love scene at all--whew!) and can concentrate on the mystery aspects and how my MC will come around to solving the crime. I love mysteries, but have never, until now, wanted to tackle one. Seemed this one sort of snuck up on me.

How is your Wednesday going? I'm about to go to the local B&N and try to attain a book signing there. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Double Teaser Tuesday ~ two teasers for the price of one

Hello, my very lovely pretties...

This beautiful sunset has nothing at all with my post today. I just wanted to lure you in... because I'm evil that way *smile*

First I would like to give you one of my favorite lines in Vampire's Trill. It's in chapter 13, page 146:

Miss Strong!” Nathanial's voice made me stop and twirl as the white doors slid open for me. He had rushed up behind me, striding, with long legs.
What?” I said, backing out into the office, wanting to make a clean get away from the inner office. I wasn't entirely sure Nicolas hadn't sent Nathanial to hold me captive until he got here.
Nathanial's gaze flashed off me and went to some point behind me. Oh, shit! My mind could almost see Nicolas standing right behind me and I felt a chill crawl up my spine. I swallowed, trying to remain calm. Vampires could tell by your heart rate if you've been up to something you shouldn't have been. And mine was hammering.
That was when the color washed out of Nathanial's face what color there was, that is.
You aren't bothering this lovely young lady, here, now are you?” the gravelly voice almost melted me knowing Hobart was there, and not Nicolas. I stood my ground, and flicked a casual glance back to the leather-clad Were.
Who the hell are you?” Nathanial came back bravely, but I bet he'd nearly shit his pants upon seeing the Were standing there. Hobart looked like something that just walked out of the worst alley of Chicago. Even in his cleaned up state, he had a presence that took quite a bit to get used to.
That's not important. What's important is I don’t like the way you're talkin' to my Alpha. Dig?” He clasped one hand over a fist and I heard some knuckle popping. Hobart threw off enough testosterone to knock any lesser man over. I could see that Nathanial wanted nothing of it.
Never mind. Have a nice evening, Ms. Strong. Hope to catch up to you later.” He tried for a polite tone, but it was forced.
Not likely. I'm leaving for the day.” I turned and strode away. Hobart stood waiting for me to pass before he moved a muscle, or took his eyes off Nathanial. Once I stepped past, he followed me out of the office. I could hear the leather of his pants and jacket creak and the buckles and chains all over clanging as he walked. I felt like a hardware store with balls was following me as I strolled to the elevator.

©2011 Lorelei Bell

Also, I've been monitoring my posts just like anyone else around blogspot, and you can see I have my most popular post to the left hand side.

There's one that is so popular I get a hand full of hits per day on it. Sometimes a dozen (depends upon if Germany is looking in on me--or Russia (*wave*)

But here's the thing--this particular post has had 369 pageview of all time--and it went up on Sept. 13 of THIS YEAR! It only has two comments on it, but this is the most popular post on my site. So, go check it out if you haven't already.

Its a very short teaser from Chapter 14 in Vampire's Trill. it is quite a teaser--if you get my drift.  Here is the link TEASER TUESDAY.

And if you've yet to join the Fan's of Vampire Ascending/Sabrina Strong Series on facebook yet, just hit my LINK.

Have a lovely day, my pretties!

Coffee Klatch Monday ~ M is for Mystery

Yeah, this says GOOD MORNING in a lion-y way!

I've been working on my mystery these past few days, just in case anyone wonders why I've been rather reclusive.  I've never written a straight murder mystery before. And especially a detective novel where I've got to show them at a crime scene.

You all know I have fun placing a mystery within my vampire novels, and I love to have Sabrina Strong solve them. She would be my sleuth if I were to write a cozy. But this isn't a cozy. It's called a procedural. And if I were to have a new challenge for 2012, this is it.

Jansen Crosse is my detective. His wife was murdered in a home invasion (I'm still working on when exactly) at some point in the past. And here is the part where you go Ahhh! Oooo! His wife has come back as a ghost. No. No one sees her, but her ghost happens to be a poltergeist. I think if I were murdered I'd be angry and want to come back as a poltergeist, too. Anyway, he and his teenage daughter, Faith, still live at the same house. Thus things go bump at any given moment. Lately, it's been happening in Faith's room, and it's very upsetting. However, Jansen is going to find out that his ghost-wife is rather good at helping him out on his cases.

So, I've been doing some research on related things. I found some interesting blogs, and some not so interesting. Most are blogs by mystery authors, but are not all very informative. I did find a great blog post on guns, however, and later on this week I'll post about it and give you the link, if you have questions about guns, this blog post will help. If anything, a writer (who doesn't know anything about guns), who tries to write about guns in any capacity in their novels and makes a mistake--it will be noticed by someone who knows guns and they will want to throw your novel away if you put a safety on a Glock or a Sig Saur. These guns do not have safeties according to what I've found out. And never have a cop holding a gun up, or their finger on the trigger. Bad, bad bad!

I will post more about this later on this week, and have a link to this very informative page. I'll bet Heather would know something about guns?

What have you been working on this past week? Anything interesting?

Chickens lay eggs, and so do Turtles

For those of you who don't know my husband is park ranger and one of his main jobs is mowing. He has a large deck (72") Toro Zero T...